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«Balls of Joy» a coconut offering for Eleguá for our happiness

Coconut offering for Eleguá

Discouragement and demotivation invades us from time to time, sometimes everything seems a sad reality and after trying in vain we decide to abandon the desired path thinking that there is no solution.

But everything has a way out when you place your problems with faith and love in the hands of the little giant of the Osha Elegguá.

This Orisha is the one who watches over our paths, guides our destiny and leads to happiness.

But it is important to know that as he opens them he also usually closes them, it is not always due to bad behavior, but to deviate from some crooked path that you have taken and only he sees it.

Of course, when this happens we curse, we do not thank, because everything is getting out of hand, when in reality we must accept it and wait for time and the orishas to give us the answer as to why they took that situation out of the way.

What are the Balls of Joy? An addimú that Eleguá loves

Coconut balls of joy
Coconut balls of joy

The balls of joy are made of coconut and Elegguá likes it very much. An offering for the little orisha to bring us a lot of happiness, open paths and a lot of harmony in our life.

The coconut is sacred and is liked by all Orishas, ​​it also acts as a cleansing and purifying agent and brings us positivity.

So go ahead and open your ways, remove the obstacles with this offering to Elegguá, the great warrior.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 or 2 dried coconuts (depends on the size of the balls you want to offer)
  • 1 plate
  • Honey bee
  • Guinea pepper
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco

If you have not received Eleguá, you can make this offering in his name, behind the main door of the home.

You can invoke it with the following sentence:

How do we prepare this beautiful offering to little Eleguá?

  1. First you wash and cut the coconut, and separate the white mass from the shell, so the coconut offering will be white.
  2. Then you grate the coconut and put it on a plate.
  3. Añaof honey until you see a consistent dough and make 3 balls of the size you like.
  4. Inside each ball you place a guinea pepper.
  5. You light the candle, blow brandy and tobacco smoke to Elegguá and ask for his blessing.
  6. You place the offering of balls of joy to Elegguá so that he opens paths to happiness and development, always making your request with faith.

Speak aloud with the Orisha and you give him knowledge of the offering that you are depositing him and what you want, but first you are grateful.

How long does the work last and where do we take it?

You will leave this Addimú (offering) at the foot of Elegguá for 3 days, each day you must light the candle for a while, take the opportunity to sit next to it and meditate on what distresses you.

On the third day with three cents of right you deposit that Addimú in the manigua or a mount, place where habita the Orisha, give him gratitude and from the heart ask him to help you.

But above all, trust and have faith when making this coconut offering for Eleguá. The results will also depend on the faith and love that you put into it. Ashé for you.

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