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Work at the foot of Elegguá-Eshú to get the job we want

Eleguá offering to get a job

Elegguá - Eshú they symbolize the indissoluble link of the positive and the negative, since every transformation always brings changes.

When homes are protected, the presence of Elegguá is present but when there are problems, Eshú is doing his thing.

Eleggua, is the small giant of the Osha, the first to be called and the last to say goodbye in any ceremony, consecration, festivity or religious ritual that is carried out.

It symbolizes the beginning and end of the roads, what is born and what dies, the energy of the positive and the negative, of the black and the white. He is the messenger of the Orishas and must be treated with respect.

An offering to Eleguá and Eshú to get a decent job

Work to Eshú Elegua with chicken foot grass
Chicken foot grass

This work is very simple and effective, mainly we will use chicken foot grass (its scientific name is Eleusine indicates). This herb is very common everywhere and grows on its own.

It is often called a chicken foot because of its resemblance to the bird's feet.

These herbs usually have great spiritual power and a lot of strength. In addition, as an alternative medicine, they are often used as antioxidants, to treat inflammation, for diabetes and it is also a diuretic.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 white candle
  • Corojo butter
  • Graphite pencil
  • Brown paper (cartridge paper or kraft paper)
  • Bunch of Chicken Leg Herb (in numbers of 3 or 7)
  • White thread
  • Black thread
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco

How to carry out the work?

This work must be done in the mañana, a Monday preferably.

  1. You light the candle and ask for your blessing and give him an account of the religious work that you will do at the foot of him.
  2. Then spread your hands with corojo butter to Elegguá-Eshú.
  3. Write with graphite pencil on the brown paper the name of that person on whom you depend to be awarded the job, for example:
  • the manager or person who has the command where you want to get the job,
  • the person authorized to accept it,
  • that friend who will speak for you to give you the opportunity
  • or ultimately the name of the company, or local to which you want to belong.

This step in the ritual is important and you must put a real name related to the job you want, it is not to do harm but to open paths, understanding and opportunities through that person or place.

  1. On top of that paper with the name written up, you will put the chicken foot grass.
  2. Then half the wrapping is tied with white thread and the other half is tied with black thread, that is, you wrap it or line it with thread.
  3. You deposit that wrapper under Elegguá –Eshú, then you blow brandy and tobacco smoke on it.
  4. This package will be left at the foot of Elegguá until you resolve the situation and can get the job you want.

Do not become infatuated with a certain work situation, remember that on our way the one who decides is the Orisha Eleguá and if he considers that it is not suitable for you, he will not open the doors for you. Trust and have faith, we cannot be stubborn in life.

Remember that faith and love never fail and less with the intercession of Eshú-Elegguá. Blessings.

Other works that I recommend you can do on behalf of the Orisha Eleguá:

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