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7 pieces of coconut to Eleguá as an offering for development

Eleguá Offering

Who opens and closes roads is Eleggua, the owner of the trails, of the 4 corners, the one who sees everything and the one who hears everything, but he is also the one who brings our worries and problems to Olofin's feet, as he is his messenger.

I work with Eleguá to open the roads:

This work in the form of an offering to Eleguá is effective and very easy, but above all you need a lot of faith, trust and love to do it. Neither despair is the most ideal, everything arrives, but it is expected with patience and a lot of faith.


  • 1 White candle
  • 7 pieces of coconut
  • Honey bee
  • 7 crushed guinea peppers (powdered)
  • White bag
  • Gold thread or ribbon
  • 7 currencies in progress, from the country you are in and the value you want

How to prepare the offering to Eleguá?

  1. You light the candle to Elegguá, ask for his blessing and give knowledge of what you are going to do and the reason why you need his intervention and help.
  2. You take a container and pour bee honey, in that container you must submerge the 7 pieces of coconut one by one and deposit them on a plate.
  3. ya bañatwo in honey those pieces of coconut, over each one you will sprinkle guinea pepper powder.
  4. You will take the white bag and introduce the 7 pieces of coconut bañatwo in honey and with pepper.
  5. You tie the white bag with gold thread or gold ribbon, a color that symbolizes prosperity.
  6. You leave the candle lit in front of Elegguá with the bag in front of you for a while and you speak again to the orisha with love, speak to him with gratitude of your sadness and joys, of your thanks and requests.
  7. After a while you take the bag and put it behind the front door of the house for 7 days.
  8. During those days you must light the candle to Elegguá every day for a while, take the opportunity to meditate with him in that space of time.
  9. After 7 days you take that bag to a mountain and you must bury it, but in a clearing of the mountain, that is, in a clear place where there is sunlight and there is little vegetation.
  • If you do not have Elegguá, you can also do it by invoking his name, because when asked with faith he listens. 

This powerful Prayer to the little giant Eleguá will help you find guidance and advice: Click here

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