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How to make an Offering to Obatalá to overcome obstacles?

Obatalá Offering

Baba Obatala is the Orisha creator of human beings in the Yoruba religion, the father of all who habitamos the earth

Rule the heads of men and his thoughts on the Yoruba pantheon.

Its color is white, is the absolute owner of everything pure and peace.

Symbolizes benevolence, but also anger when he is offended, he is the one who embraces all his children with much love and patience, he is the Orisha who gives us tranquility, peace, intelligence.

Obbatalá offers his children a lot of health when we are weak, but it must be asked in a calm way, and being clean, neat, always with a lot of faith and love.

Addimú at the foot of Obbatalá to protect our way

Offering to Obatala with cotton
Cotton bud

This addimú (offering) is to give thanks, to prevent and overcome obstacles that prevent us from advancing towards our projects and purposes.

We will use the cotton plant which is owned by Obbatalá, used for luck, healing, protection and is also invoked to attract rain.

  • Even if you don't have a consecration Obbatalá can do this work with faith, I am sure that Father Obatalá listens to all his children on earth.

Ingredients that we are going to need:

  • 2 candles
  • 4 coconuts
  • White plate
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cascarilla
  • 8 cotton buds
  • 8 silver coins
  • A small 8-step ladder (It can be of any material, you can even make it at home, but make sure it is a firm ladder and not flimsy)

Procedure to carry out this work on behalf of Father Obatalá:

  1. First you light the candles and ask Obbatalá for your blessing.
  2. You take the coconuts and spread cocoa butter on them and then cascarilla, then deposit them on the white plate.
  3. Around the coconuts you will put the 8 cotton buds and next to each cocoon a coin, also smeared with cocoa butter and cascarilla.
  4. In the center of the coconuts you put the ladder greased with cocoa butter vertically (stop).
  5. You give Obbatalá knowledge of what you need and you give thanks.
  6. After 8 days you will make 8 paper packages, each with 1 cotton bud and a coin, then you blow them cascarilla and you close them.
  7. You will take those 8 packages to the foot of a hill or mountainaña, place in nature where habita the Orisha.
  8. You can invoke him and thank him with the next sentence:

What to do with the coconuts and the ladder?

The coconuts will be 8 more days at the foot of Baba and after this time you will take them to a river or to the sea, where the water runs and flows.

In case you can't go to the river or the sea, you can leave them under a leafy tree that is not in sight of anyone, in the middle of the thickness of nature.

Before removing them from in front of the Orisha you clean with them, always starting at the head and ending at the feet.

The staircase remains at the foot of Obbatalá, if you have not received the Orisha and you make the offering, you can leave that ladder at the top (on top of a piece of furniture, for example, but a clean place) to help you climb in life by going up steps, either in health, love, fortune, abundance...  

Blessings and may Baba Obatalá give you everything beautiful with this work, that opens the way for him and removes all obstacles that may appear. Ashe.

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