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5 Offering oranges to Oshún for flourishing and prosperity in life

Oshún offering with orange

Oshún is in the yoruba pantheon owner of rivers, springs and waterfalls, the most beautiful and loving who takes care of her children like a fierce warrior.

Beautiful goddess with a big smile and very righteous, whatever you ask her with faith and sweetness she will thank you by granting your requests.

In Santeria or Regla de Osha she is venerated as the owner of honey, dance and sensuality.

She is also a very flirtatious queen who loves her children, but when she gets upset she has no mercy on them for being disobedient and disrespectful.

Offering to the goddess Oshún with orange, one of her favorite fruits

Oranges are fruits that Oshún loves, for this reason and for his energy to help us we offer them to him.

This is a simple offering (addimú) to thank her for her help and at once talk with her so that your development flourishes, which perhaps you have stalled.

Sometimes we feel that nothing goes well, that we carry backwardness and negative energies, the heaviness in the body and emotionally makes it more difficult for us to handle it, therefore, if we are religious we must attend to our spirituality.


  • 5 sweet and beautiful oranges
  • Plate or tray
  • 2 candles
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • grated coconut
  • Dragees (tiny colored balls used in pastry)
  • 5 cents

How do we prepare this addimú in the name of the beautiful Oshún?

  1. First we must know that for this work the oranges are cut in half.
  2. Then you place them on a very nice tray or plate, remember that Oshún likes everything beautiful and is very vain.
  3. So with a lot of faith and love in what you do you light the 2 candles and you can say:

Mother Oshún I ask for your blessing, here is your son / daughter (you say your name), offering you these sweet oranges that are your favorites to help me with health and love, give me evolution and development mother, open the good paths my beautiful goddess.

  1. While you talk in front of Oshún, you pour honey over the oranges, then add a little cinnamon, grated coconut and dragees.
  2. And while you do it with calm, peace and a lot of love, you say:

Mother Oshún who, just as I make this honey, sweetness, development and prosperity visit my life, give me everything beautiful as only you know how to provide little mother.

Remember that Oshún is spoken beautifully, with harmony and great joy, try to do it in a moment of peace and calm, so that you can do the ritual without stumbling.

What do we do next with these oranges?

After 5 days you go to the river and leave the 5 cents right next to the work. In case of not having a river nearby, you can deposit it in a leafy tree.

Nor should you let the fruits rot or get ugly, if you see a few days before that they can spoil then do not wait the five days, and take them sooner so that they receive them beautiful.

Every day while the play lasts you should light the candles for a while, take the opportunity to talk with her and make your heartfelt requests.

Many blessings and may this offering to Oshún with orange, which I have made with a lot of love, be conducive to achieving all the good and beautiful in your life, and above all a lot of health.

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