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A powerful offering to Oshún with corn and honey to open the roads

Oshún Offering to open roads

Many times we feel that the sky is closing us and no matter how hard we try to get out of the chaos, all the good things around us disappear, our plans, projects and paths get stuck and we have no way to breathe easy.

Well this is my advice: DO NOT complain anymore! take action and make up your mind to ask for help the beautiful Orisha Oshún to unlock the negative that prevents harmony, love and abundance from flowing.

This Addimú (offering) in the name of Oshún is to open all roads, so that the enemy, evil, and everything that obstructs our development may move away.

Oshún is a very elegant and attractive Osha in the Yoruba pantheon, she is a passionate lover, owner of rivers and gold.

She always helps all her children with a lot of love and if you take care of her as she is and respect her, I am sure she will provide you with whatever you need.

Ah, yes! Faith cannot be lacking, therefore, even if you have not received Oshún, you can do this work with faith and a lot of love and he will listen to you in the same way.

Always remember that when your eyes see only darkness, faith makes you feel light in your heart.

Ingredients for the ritual:

  • White plate
  • Cornmeal
  • Beer
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Honey
  • 5 yellow flags
  • 2 candles

How do you make the offering with Oshún to open good paths and win?

  1. In a plate you add cornmeal and gradually pour the beer.
  2. When it is mixed, you add smoked fish and smoked jutía and continue kneading it with your hands until it becomes a compact dough.
  3. Then you make 5 balls of that mass and on top of each one, you put a yellow flag that represents the overcoming of the difficulties at the foot of Oshún.

The little flags You can make small ones at home with a branch or wood for the base, and yellow paper or cloth for the upper part, which is the color that represents the beautiful Oshún.

  1. You light the two candles at the foot of Oshún and at the same time you pour honey on top of the flour balls and the flags, you say these words to him with faith.

Short prayer to the beautiful Goddess Oshún:

Iyá Oshun
Here is your son (you say your name)
Asking for your blessing
Here I offer you this Addimú with corn flour for development, beer that is your favorite, and
honey that with her you win battles.
Deliver me from everything bad and give me strength
necessary to move on
always with your blessing.
Maferefun Iyalodde

What do we do next with the work to Oshún?

This offering must be 5 days at the foot of Oshún and after that time you can go to a river and deposit them, or under a leafy and very beautiful tree.

  • Remember that the 5 cents are of right, you leave them next to the offering to Oshún to open roads.

May the blessing of Oshún always assist and accompany you! And that together with this offering you get everything that you heartily desire.

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