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Fruit offering to Yemayá at sea Begging for help in urgent cases!

Offering for Yemayá at sea

So many things don't go our way! But you must bear in mind that not everything you want is what the Orishas really want for you.

Above all, you must be patient when looking for a way out and when asking the Orishas for the solution, have a lot of faith, without faith nothing is resolved and everything falls apart.

Adimú so that Yemayá intercedes in desperate cases that we want to solve

This offering (adimú) is for Yemayá, owner and queen of the seas, Universal mother of all, loving, protective and very noble.

This Orisha is a warrior and very fair, in addition, she defends her children a lot and attends to all requests that in one way or another have not been solved.

It is a very beautiful and effective work, I am sure that if you do everything with love and faith you will solve your problems.


Purslane plant
Purslane plant
  • Basket or basket
  • Blue cloth or cloth
  • 7 fruits or whatever you want, but in an odd number
  • Purslane plant (Leaves and stems, not root)
  • Honey
  • 2 candles

How do we prepare the fruit basket for Yemayá?

  1. First you cover the bottom of the basket or basket with a blue cloth.
  2. In it you deposit many different fruits in odd numbers, but from 7 fruits that is the brand of Yemayá.
  3. Then you wash the purslane and put it on top of the fruits.
  4. You light the 2 candles at the foot of Yemayá and give it knowledge by saying this short prayer.

I pray and request to the mother of the Yemayá World:

Iyá Yemaya
Here is your daughter / or (you say your name) asking for your blessing 
Giving knowledge of (what you have deposited in your basket)
Paying tribute and giving thanks for all your love
Heed my so-called Queen of the seas
Orisha of great power and perseverance
I turn to you so that with your great wisdom
Help me solve my problem (you say your need)
Hear my prayers, prodigious mother
May your opulence be my greatest wealth
Thank you Iya Yemayá!

7 Days and the offering for Yemayá is deposited in the sea, its natural temple:

You will have this work for a period of 7 days at the foot of Yemayá, each day you will light the candle for a while.

On the seventh day you will go to the sea with the basket, and over the fruits and purslane you will add a lot of molasses. Then you are depositing one by one in the sea.

Remember never to throw the fruits or offeringsYou must deposit them carefully and always with your positive thoughts on what you want to achieve, and above all, do not forget to thank Mother Goddess Yemayá. 

I hope with all my heart that by making this offering for Yemayá in the sea, a lot of health, abundance and good energy will come to your life, and that what you want, if it is good for your path, you will get it.

Other works and rituals that you can dedicate to the Goddess of the Sea Yemayá:

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