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How to prepare an Offering and an Amulet with Saint Lazarus for health?

Offering Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazarus, the venerated old man who cares for everyone. Is the same Babalu Aye in the Osha Rule (Santeria), miraculous Orisha who brings health and protection to all.

Old Lázaro offers us that health that we need so much, many times we value health little and it is necessary to remember that, even with money and fortune, you cannot do anything if your body, your mind and your soul are not healthy.

Offering to thank and ask for health to Saint Lazarus

Offering San Lázaro for health with corn

There are many offerings that are dedicated to Saint Lazarus, from the simplest to the most glamorous, but the mercy and benevolence of the saint is not based on the amount or magnitude of the offer, his offering can be very simple and he will always listen to you. Everything is found in the faith you have for him, the respect and love that you show him.

San Lázaro appreciates every detail that you give him from the heart, in his name is this beautiful work.


Use an image of Saint Lazarus to make this work.

  • 1 Candle
  • Dry wine
  • Tobacco
  • Incense
  • Roasted corn on the cob
  • Toasted corn
  • At least 2 types of raw beans to attract prosperity (Example: red bean, white bean, face bean, chickpea, lentils, peas, less black beans)
  • Purple bag

The corn and cob can be roasted yourself at home.

How to prepare the offering to the miraculous old man?

  1. In front of the image of San Lázaro Blessed, you put all your elements for the ritual and you light the candle, you ask for his blessing:

Blessed are you holy miracle
Your blessing always
I trust you and I beg you for my health and that of my family, that of everyone,
that you are always by my side caring, protecting and protecting
under your divine cloak and with your dogs.
May health, tranquility and peace
Be with us.

  1. In a glass you will put some dry wine, from it you will take a sip and blow on the saint, then you light the tobacco and smoke it.
  2. The incense is also lit to purify the space and energies in this ritual.
  3. Then you will put the toasted corn on the cob as an offering, always asking for good health while you perform the ritual. Choose a moment of peace and quiet so that while you are doing it you will not have interruptions.
  4. The cob is left in front of the saint for as long as you wish, then you can tie it behind the front door of the house with a purple ribbon for abundance and protection.
  5. When the days go by, the dry wine can be thrown down a swallow and the tobacco is left by your side or you can smoke it whenever you want, always asking with faith.

Protective health amulet in the name of Saint Lazarus:

Protective health amulet in the name of Saint Lazarus

After the candle is burned, you will take the purple bag that you can make yourself at home and fill it with the following elements:

  • Toasted corn
  • Grain

You will carry this bag with you for your protection as a powerful amulet for health and to protect you from all kinds of misfortunes. You can carry it in your purse, pocket, the important thing is that you carry it with you.

I hope that the mighty and miraculous old man Saint Lazarus give you a lot of health, open the roads, bring fortune and prosperity to your life and that of your family. Blessings.

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