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Offerings to Eggun to achieve the desired

Offerings for eggun

We always want something and to have it we go through moments of real trouble, that's when we look for a cane, a support. The offerings (addimú) to Eggun will help us to thank them and ask them for what we need in our lives.

But remember, it is not about achieving through rituals, baths and works instantly what we want, life is composed of natural processes that we cannot alter, they are part of the cycle of the universe, therefore we must have faith, but, above all, patience.

We will resort today to egguns, those protective spirits that care for us, protect us and intercede for us. When we offer with humility and love, the beings that accompanied usañan receive light, they rise and achieve the peace they need. If they light up our destiny will too.

Attentions to the Eggun are sacred, they must be done carefully and with great respect.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 piece of pumpkin
  • 1 gourd, white or clay plate
  • Honey bee
  • Dragees: Tiny spheres of different colors usually used as a decorative element in pastry.
  • 1 white candle

Before making the offering, keep in mind:

When choosing the pumpkin, do it with love, choose a beautiful, fresh fruit that is almost perfect, remember that it is as a gift, an addimú that you give from the heart.

Choose a moment of calm, meditation, preferably white clothes, it must be neat and clean, the connection with the spirits is special, therefore, the preparation and delivery of the offering must also be so.

Do not worry about anything, what you ask for, will come to you, but always with faith, trust and a lot of love we will achieve it.

How do I prepare the offerings to Eggun?

  1. You put the piece of pumpkin to boil with its skin, the piece will depend on how much you want to offer Egguns.
  2. The pumpkin should be cooked, make sure it does not overcook, then you take it out and put it in the gourd or container you have chosen.
  3. Then pour the honey little by little over that pumpkin.
  4. Finally, pour the lozenges on top.
  5. Place the offering to Eggun.

If you have the Egguns tile that will be its place of offering, if not, you can place it if possible outside, for example, in the patio (it can be outdoors), or under a sink or in a corner of your kitchen that is not visible.

Keep in mind that they should be placed on the floor, never high, preferably in the corners of a space.

  1. You light the candle and you will give knowledge to Egguns saying:

Here is your son (your name) offering you this boiled pumpkin, with honey and dragees, I hope you like it and thanking you for all that you take care of me. I need that (your order) and thank you for offering it. Light and progress.

  1. You will leave this addimú with that candle lit until it goes out.
  2. After 3 days you can collect the offering and throw it in a bush or in a garbage that is outside (never the garbage that is inside the house).

If you know how to ask Eggun, then the best thing is to ask how many days he wants the addimu and the path he should take.

I sincerely wish you that these offerings to Eggun bring you good health and that everything you wish to see will be fulfilled.

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