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Offerings to Eleguá to open the roads

offerings to Eleguá

This is a work of unfolding so that paths are opened in the name of Elegua. Offerings are very powerful, give thanks and do so with great faith.

Eleguá is the first protection, a warrior Orisha who represents the beginning and the end of our lives, owner of 4 corners and guardian of roads.

For this ritual we will use apples as offerings to the little giant, it is a fruit that radiates positive energy, absorbs the negative and attracts abundance, which, in addition, Eleguá likes very much.

Ingredients you need:

  • 3 red apples
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 white plate or clay pot preferably 
  • 3 circulating coins of the country where you are
  • Honey bee
  • 1 white candle
  • 3 cents 

How is the offering to Eleguá prepared?

It is a very easy but effective work.

  1. Take the 3 apples, wash them well and it will dry. Whenever you make offerings to the Orishas, ​​the fruits must be washed to remove impurities.
  2. He will spread them with corojo butter and place them on the plate or clay pot.
  3. He will take the coins and stick them to each apple.
  4. On top of it, he adds honey, lights the candle and presents his work to Eleguá, giving him knowledge of what he is going to do.

You will do this prayer:

Eleguá, owner of all roads, I ask for your blessing and I beg you that my paths of well-being become safe, that you protect me day and night and close my doors to defeat. May my money grow and suffer no need (Make your request). Thank you Father Eleguá.

  1. He will maintain this work for 3 days in front of Eleguá, each day he will light the candle for a while and talk with the little giant.
  2. On the third day he will go to a very dense bush and leave him there with the right of 3 cents, he crosses himself with them and throws them in the same place.

You can repeat this work for 3 consecutive Mondays, or take 3 apples instead of 7 apples, depending on your development, then it will start on a Monday and end on a Monday.

You can leave the coins that you stuck in the apples as is at the work and offer them in the bush, but you can also withdraw them and use them to buy something for Eleguá.

When you make offerings to the little giant, always make positive requests, I hope that this powerful work will help you to achieve the development you need in your life, that the paths open up for you and that Father Eleguá will always protect you.

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