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Offerings to Eleguá Open Paths for Money and Economic Well-being!

Offerings to Eleguá for money

Elegguá is the playful and spoiled Orisha of the Osha, the warrior who opens paths for us and straightens our lives, but remember, do not disrespect this great Orisha because your paths will be closed.

Little Elegguá likes this work very much and it will open good paths for you, but never forget to maintain faith and love, essential elements for all religious.

Sometimes we have many obstacles that prevent our prosperity and economic evolution have abundance, to remove those impediments and achieve a stable development in this life we ​​will make this offering to Eleguá.

In the offerings to Eleguá for money and abundance, let us also ask for a lot of health, love, and good open roads, because this will also help us to be prosperous and fortunate.


  • Only if you have Elegguá can you make this offering as it will work directly with him. If you want to see other works to the Orisha, at the end I leave some that you can do in his name.
Purslane plant
Purslane plant
Bledo plant
Bledo plant
  • Ground corn
  • 3 fish heads
  • Purslane plant (Scientific name: Portulaca oleracea)
  • Bledo plant (Amaranthus viridis)
  • Guava plant leaves
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 White candle
  • Brandy or rum
  • Tobacco
  • 3 cents of duty

With this beautiful prayer dedicated to little Eleguá we can invoke him:

With great faith let's prepare this offering to Eleguá:

On a Monday in the morningañana and before 12 noon you take Elegguá out to sunbathe, at 2 o'clock you can take him inside and shake his hand, that is, you spread ground corn on him and you will talk with him.

While Elegguá is in the sun on a tray you put 3 fish heads greased with corojo butter and marinated with purslane that clears luck, with purifying milk and with the powerful guava leaves.

  • If you have an oven you can put it to brown in it, but in a pan.

3 little fish for Eleguá An offering that the Orisha loves!

  1. While those heads are browning, in the Elegguá casserole you put a mattress of guava leaves (cover the entire surface) spread with corojo butter and put Elegguá on top.
  2. When you finish browning the fish heads, you should let them cool a little and then place them next to Elegguá in its casserole.
  3. Then you blow brandy, you blow tobacco smoke, and you light the candle.

You ask for Elegguá's blessing and you say out loud everything you are putting in it and what you need to solve, without forgetting to thank.

This work will be at the foot of Elegguá 3 consecutive days lighting its candle every day for a little while. On the third day that work goes to the mountain with 3 cents of duty.

May the blessing of the Orisha always cover and bless you and may your prosperity and abundance flow positively with these offerings to Eleguá for money!

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