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Cleaning at the foot of Oshosi to firmly remove obstacles from the path

Offerings to Oshosi

Orisha witch and wizard is oshosiHunter par excellence and protector of those who have problems with justice, he is called the heavenly vigilante, this great Orisha is always asked for good, never bad for anyone, because he works with justice in his hands.

He is within the group of warriors accompanyingañaAlways going to Elegguá, Oggún and Osun, the deities watchmen of the mountain.

Offerings to Oshosi to gain stability in our life

It is a very beautiful and very effective offering, remember that everything you ask with love and a lot of faith will be granted to you. Put your heart in everything you do and you will see that your results will be effective.

Ingredients you need:

  • 3 coconuts
  • Blue precipitate in case you don't have, use blue paint
  • Yellow precipitate or yellow paint
  • White plate
  • 1 white candle
  • Blue cloth
  • 3 cents

Procedures for cleaning:

  1. Wash the coconuts and clean them well, you must remove the threads so that they are well cleaned.
  2. With the blue precipitate you paint half of each coconut and the other half you paint with yellow precipitate. With the precipitate, the work is streamlined, but if you do not have it, you can replace it with blue paint or indigo dye and yellow paint. Indigo is also very good and attracts prosperity.
  3. Then you place the coconuts on the white plate in front of Oshosi, light the candle and ask for his blessing, you give him the knowledge that every day you will cleanse yourself with a coconut to eliminate the negative and attract the positive.
  4. Every day you cleanse yourself in front of the Orisha with a coconut, starting from top to bottom, always starting with the head and ending with the feet.
  5. For 3 days you will light the candle at the time of cleaning.
  6. To identify the coconut with which you clean, I recommend that you mark it after each cleaning with cascarilla, so you do not confuse them.

At the end of the cleaning with the coconuts, put them on a blue cloth and leave them under the trunk of a dry tree in the forest, cross yourself with the three cents and leave them there as a right saying:

Baba Oshosi that as well as those coconuts dry
my problems dry up and disappear

attracting all the positive into my life.
Thank you and your blessing 

I sincerely hope that this offering will help you to obtain many good things in your life, especially health so that you can move forward firmly with the help of the warrior Oshosi through the paths of life. Blessings.

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