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Offerings to Oshún in the river to thank and ask for prosperity

Offerings to oshún in the river

This work is very beautiful and simple to do, it will be done in the name of our beautiful Oshun, that with its honey attracts what is proposed. The offerings will go to the river because that is where the energy of the Orisha lives and where we can establish a special connection with the nature of this deity.

Oshun owns the rivers that habita and with its waters it refreshes our understanding, it accepts our works when they are from the heart and carried out with faith. There is nothing that the Goddess of the rivers and fresh waters of the world cannot fulfill.

When you approach the river, greet the orisha with respect, cross yourself and ask for her blessing. Near its waters, refresh yourself with it, talk by its side and ask for what you need from the heart. Tell him that you went to leave an offering in his name to bring him great health, prosperity and love.

Items you need on site:

  • River water
  • River sand
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Honey bee
  • 2 yellow or white candles
  • 5 cents

Prepare the Offering to Oshún:

  1. You take the river water and bond it with the river sand, the mixture must be compact, because later you will have to make a tower with it.
  2. You will add breadcrumbs in abundance to the mixture and knead well so that it is well bound, now you will pour the tasty and miraculous Oshún honey and mix everything again.

While doing it, you must have a lot of faith and spirituality, trust in the blessings of the Orisha Oshún. The elements that we use in this work are sacred: elements of the river where the goddess lives and bread and honey, foods that provide abundance.

  1. Time to build the tower! With all that preparation of river sand, breadcrumbs and honey, you must mold it to make a tower, you can give it the height you want, the higher the better.

Remember that it must be very compact to prevent it from falling.

  1. You will light the two candles and you will say:

Beloved mother Oshún
Here is your daughter / or (your name) asking for your blessing
I beg you from my heart
That just as this tower is tall
Let my development be high
That just as honey is sweet
Let my unfoldment be sweet
That just as bread is sacred
I never lack sustenance at my table
Thank you mother.

  1. You will light the candles every day for a while and on the fifth day let them burn out completely.

Leave the offerings to Oshún in the river:

You will leave this tower for 5 days and then you will take it to the river with 5 cents, you clean yourself with the money starting with the head and ending with the feet, and you will throw them into the river water.

If you are crowned, with his permission you will inform Oshún of the work you are going to prepare and ask him if he likes it.

If you are not crowned you can also do this work on behalf of the Orisha, the offering that is in faith is allowed.

Oh, and remember to offer gratitude:

“There is no more necessary duty than to give thanks” 

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