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Types of Offerings to Oshun in her day How to venerate Iyalorde?

Offerings to Oshun in her day

Oshun is the deity of the rivers in the Yoruba Pantheon, has great powers and is incredibly kind; In our life, she participates in the formation of the fetus, she is the Orisha of fertility, and her sweet and sacred waters cure infertility.

What is Oshun like? Qualities of the Orisha

It is she and her powerful energy that blesses motherhood and grants it to infertile women, as well as cures the sick with her medicinal waters.

In Oshún, traits such as generosity, joviality, laughter, but also crying stand out, she has a great fighting spirit and is an innate warrior; defender and judge of the truth, when our mother sentences for disobedience, it is said that "There's no two ways about it" that is, his sentence is indisputable.

In addition to being beautiful, she is cheerful, sensual, flirtatious, wise, and often arrogant.

Oshun represents the intensity, the strength of the feelings and emotions of the soul, the finesse, the beauty, the love, the refined.

Because of her great power in Yoruba religiosity, in Nigeria a river bears her name, it is this element of nature that represents her. That is why the devotees leave their offerings (Addimú) in the sweet waters of the river and from there ask for the intervention of his grace.

According to the patakies (Yoruba legends), Oshún is represented as a very beautiful woman, with long hair, with fine sensual features, she is beautiful and friendly, she walks and dances tinkling her beautiful bracelets, and is dressed in gold and copper jewelry.

In the Catholic syncretism that has developed since colonial times, the religious essence of Oshun is directly associated with the Virgin of Charity of Copper, patron saint of all Cubans.

How does Oshun intervene through your pleas?

Let us remember that his position before Olofin allows him to plead for human beings and advocate for them when they need it most.

We can ask Oshun for any situation that we need to resolve, so that through her help and intercession she can offer us solutions and positive energy.

His power will always help us and his energy is very valuable in prayers:

  • For the health of the sick and especially pregnant or infertile women, so that babies are born healthy.
  • In matters of love and couples, it will help us to strengthen the union and attract that person we want in our life, whenever she considers it convenient for us.
  • In economic matters, it gives us abundance and luck to open paths.
  • In the face of conflicts, it gives us sweetness and keeps away the enemies that disturb us.
  • Whatever problem you need to fix you can ask the goddess to help you.

What is usually offered? Addimuses for Oshun

Although she is always worshiped, she also has a special celebration, and in our Rule of Osha (santeria) Oshún is venerated on two dates.

The day is September 8 and also September 12, depending on the traditions of the Ilé Osha-Ifá or holy houses. For example, if we venerate her on the first date, from September 7th we wait with the addimú (offerings) that we wish to give her.

All your offerings are put in numbers of 5, 15 and 25.

Prepared meals:

  • Oshinshin, a dish made from eggs with shrimp, honey, onion, chili, chard or lettuce (his favorite dish).
  • Corn cobs on wheels.
  • Black-eyed beans with shrimp, salt and onion.
  • Palanquetas or balls made with corn flour, gofio, yams and always añagiving honey.

Like fine sweets with a lot of syrup, such as:

  • The famous Capuchins.
  • Very sweet pancakes.


  • The pumpkin is his favorite and he works with it,
  • oranges,
  • mangoes,
  • canister,
  • Mandarin,
  • castile melon,
  • coconut painted with 5 yellow stripes or completely painted yellow.

Flowers and plants:

  • Sunflowers,
  • yellow roses,
  • yellow gladioli,
  • lotus flower or water flower
  • Parsley.

I think that, although we always try to give the best to our Iyalodde, the important thing is the intention, I am sure that when we give it to her from the heart and with faith, she listens to our requests and pleas with love.

May the blessing of Oshún always be with you and have a beautiful day of festivities.

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