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Addimú to Oshún so that money enters your life and businesses prosper

Offerings to Oshún for money

Oshún is the owner of the gold and the owo (money) in the Yoruba pantheon, exuberant and beautiful Orisha.

African deity who rules in the rivers and with his most powerful weapon, honey, he can attract and catch with it everything he wants.

This offering is for her, to thank him and so that in your businesses and home the go (good energy) that you need and are looking for enters.

Always remember that everything requires a lot of faith in what you do and in whose name you do it, in this case Oshún, if you do not have love for this Orisha or trust, you will not get anything in return.

Faith is seeing a halo of light in your heart, when your eyes see only blackness.

Ingredients we need:

  • 5 small fish
  • Parsley
  • 5 Sunflowers
  • Honey
  • 5 candles or else 2 candles
  • 5 cents

How do we prepare these offerings so that Oshún helps us to make the money flow?

  1. You take the 5 fish and grill them.
  2. When they are ready, you put them on a plate and you are going to crumble a lot of parsley on top with your hands.
  3. When it is cold, cover the plate with sunflower petals and add honey.
  4. You take the candles and with your hands you smear them honey, always from the top to the bottom, so that the good comes in.
  5. You present the plate to Oshún and light his 2 or 5 candles, then you say these words to him with great faith.

Short prayer dedicated to the goddess Oshún

Oshún blessed here is your daughter / or (your name)
Asking for your blessing and your help
Mother Oshún goddess of rivers and waterfalls,
Mother who keeps in your rivers all our secrets and feelings that feed our hearts every day.
Mother owner of gold and wealth, answer my prayers and pour out all your blessing on me and my family.
Let the development and financial balance arrive.
May there be no ruin or misery that touches and affects us
May you never miss me
Maferefun Iyalodde!

To take into account in the ritual:

  • You will leave the candles until they are consumed.
  • This Addimú will be from one day to the next at the foot of Oshún.
  • Then you will go to the river to deposit it or to a leafy tree with 5 cents of duty.

The most important as I always say, it is putting heart and faith into it.

The offerings given to Oshún so that the money flows in our favor, are also to ask for stability, firmness, an honest job and everything that allows us to be financially stable.

But remember also that sometimes in life we ​​become infatuated, let's not forget that our destiny is made by our orishas, ​​we must accept it, flow, so that everything goes well, blessings.

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