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to the Goddess Oyá we dedicate «10 Powerful Offerings» to venerate her

offerings to Oyá Santería

Oyá is powerful, Orisha respected and feared, brave and impetuous, the one who guards the cemeteries and is strictly linked to Ikú (death), owner of the storms, of the strong and hurricane-force winds of life, of the whirlpools and sparks.

His number is nineThat is why she is also known as the "Mother of Nine", where she governs the Egguns and spirits in the dark.

Their colors They can be brown or chestnut, she is also represented by flowery designs and she wears nine different colors on her skirts, she is also the goddess of the rainbow.

After Oshun and Yemayá give life with their waters, Oyá with its winds it helps sustain life, because without air we do not exist and it is she who does not give them away.

Offerings and addimú dedicated to the Warrior Oyá in his day

What day is Yansa celebrated? in santeria to Oyá it is syncretized with the Virgen de la Candelaria on February 2 and with Santa Teresa de Jesús on October 15, for this reason she receives two celebrations in the year according to the cult that venerates her.

offerings to Oyá with eggplant
The aubergine is one of the favorite fruits of Oyá

Within the offerings that you can offer to Oyá to entertain her and give thanks for her blessings you can find many.

I will recommend some for you to offer with faith, love and positivity.

Although Oyá She usually has an indomitable character, she is a great mother and very affectionate with her children, those who love her and pay her moforibale receive her protection.

1. Eggplant for Oyá Change

Eggplant is always cited because it is his favorite, perhaps it is because of that ocher color that Yanza likes so much.

The eggplant likes it in different ways:

  • Natural smeared with epo (corojo butter) in a basket or tray always in number of nine and
  • he likes accompanimentañadas with rice roasted with corojo butter and
  • in slices.

2. The beet pleases the deity

You are served boiled and raw beets dipped in epoxy, sliced ​​or whole on a white plate preferably.

3. Nine coconuts to ask for your blessing

They usually put 9 coconuts, each one is painted in different colors except black. This fruit is sacred in the Yoruba religion and is liked by all the orishas.

Four . Colored ribbons for the rainbow goddess

Adorn your framb pod with 9-color ribbonsoyán to invoke her is a very beautiful offering.

Nine candles are lit to wait for her day or when we need to thank or ask the orisha.

5. Desserts and sweets dedicated to Yanza

He loves some sweets like chocolate bars, pudding, or chocolate flan.

6. Colorful flowers

Her favorite flowers are of different colors, you must keep in mind that the flowers are fresh and beautiful. They can even be from your garden, you must offer them with faith and love.

7. Fresh fruits for Oyá

Some fruits are to your liking such as:

  • Indian bananas,
  • the sweet potato,
  • the Granada and
  • he likes purple grapes smeared with epoxy.

8. Epo (corojo butter) is a sacred element in offerings to Yansa

Among the dishes we can offer is fried fish seasoned with cumin and smeared with epoxy.

Corojo butter will be part of many of the offerings to this deity.

9. Favorite dishes of the goddess of sparkle

Another offering that he likes a lot are buns made with carita beans.

10. Favorite drink

Among the drinks, red wine is to his liking and is always well received by the deity.

Everything you give her with love, even if it is little, she will thank you because she will know that you give it with faith and humility. We greet the saint with great respect saying: Jekua Jey Yansá!

Prayer dedicated to Oyá:

We can also venerate her and invoke her with a prayer dedicated to the deity like this powerful prayer:

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