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Offerings to Yemayá at home "for health and economic well-being"

Offerings to Yemayá at home

Yemayá mother and older Orisha that is revered by all. African deity that represents life, evolution, the flow of the world's waters, the blue of the sea and the energy of the great oceans.

She is a pious and worthy deity, she teaches her children love, a strong and daring goddess always ready to offer protection and charity, she is also very fair and rigorous when condemning her children for disobedience.

This Addimú (offering) is to ask for what you want for your evolution

Corn balls as offerings to Yemayá
The ingredients of the work must be kneaded until completely mixed

Remember to never ask anyone badly, if you want to talk to her about any problem, as a great mother she will always be willing to listen to you, offer her your anguish and complaints, and she will take care of the way she decides because she is justice and makes pay for the evils of this world.

We can make these offerings to Yemayá at home. It is not a complicated work at all, as long as añayou give strong doses of faith and love.

If you have received Yemayá you will put the Addimú in front of her tureen and if you do not have this offering you can also dedicate it to the goddess and put it up in her name.

We can invoke it with the following sentence:

Ingredients you need:

  • gofio
  • Cornmeal
  • Lard
  • Leaves of Maroon Verbena (Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (L.) Vahl)
  • Toasted corn
  • Face bean
  • molasses of caña
  • 2 candles

How do you make this offering to the Beautiful Mother Yemayá?

  1. First, in a bowl, mix the gofio, cornmeal and lard.
  2. The amount you use in these ingredients will be according to the size you want to make the balls.
  3. You take the verbena leaf, wash it, and add it to that very small chopped mixture.
  4. As well añades toasted corn and black-eyed beans.
  5. With your hands you knead until everything is well mixed and make 7 balls (balls) and put them on a white plate.
  6. You light the candles, you ask Yemayá for your blessing and you make your request with great faith and being clear about what you are asking for.

While you make your request over the balls, you delicately pour a little molassesaña.

We take the offerings to Yemayá to the sea or nature:

Every day for 7 consecutive days you will light the candles for a little while, if you prefer at the same time. Choose this time of day to meditate, talk with mother Yemayá and tell her what you want.

After 7 days you will take that offering to the sea, if you cannot take it to nature, a beautiful place of your choice.

May the blessing of Yemayá always protect you, give you health, open roads, new opportunities, love and a lot of faith. Blessings for you.  

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