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How to send a Boat full of Offerings to Yemay√° for our progress?

Offerings for Yemay√° at sea

The queen mother Yemay√° She is the mistress of the sea, a mother who always works with mercy, her miracles are innumerable.

She is the patron saint of sailors and is syncretized with the Virgin of Regla. She is distinguished by her benevolence and nobility before all her children and the world.

She is Yemay√°, an understanding mother with her children and is invoked by all, many women who want to have children or have a healthy pregnancy turn to her constantly.

I never tire of repeating that faith, love and will go hand in hand, even without being crowned you can make this offering to Yemay√°, the mother of the Universe.

To the sea we take the offerings to the Goddess Yemay√° to attract prosperity and give thanks

Offerings with boat for Yemay√° at sea

This offering will be launched to sail to the sea, therefore if you do not have the possibility of buying a ready-made toy boat, I recommend that you do it with your own hands and I think it will be better, because nothing more beautiful than offering something that we have made ourselves.

You can use various materials to make the small boat, such as polyfoam, wood, thick cardboard, or the material you choose according to your possibilities.

If you do this offering well, I assure you it will be a blessing. What can't you do today oma√Īana? Don't worry, read everything to the end and I am sure that you will get your ingredients soon because Yemay√° will know that it is for her and will put it on your way.

If your request to the Orisha arrives before you put the boat in her waters, do not stop putting it to thank her, the promises that we make with our thoughts unconsciously are also heard. Focus and visualize your request, always from the heart and with faith.

I suggest that before choosing your boat you read the ingredients and how to do it so that you do it without interruptions.


  • 2 candles
  • 1 coco
  • White plate
  • Indigo
  • 1 boat
  • 7 sweets
  • 7 white roses or 7 Pacific Ocean flowers
  • 7 monedas
  • Honey

Procedure to prepare the beautiful offering to Yemay√°

Offerings to Yemayá in the sea with marpacífico
Marpacific flower
  1. You light the 2 candles at the foot of Yemay√° and ask for his blessing. In front of her you will prepare your offering and talk aloud.
  2. You take the coconut already previously washed and dry, you clean it well and remove the coconut's own threads.
  3. Then you paint the coconut blue with indigo and place it on the white plate.
  4. You take your boat and inside you deposit:
  • 7 sweets
  • 7 roses or flowers of the Pacific Ocean
  • 7 legal tender coins
  1. When you have everything on the boat, you pour syrup on top and sprinkle with indigo.
  2. Now you will let those 2 candles burn out and your offering will be ready to deliver it to Yemay√° at sea.

When you arrive at the sea with all devotion and love, you offer your boat, also deposit in it, your dreams and projects so that they reach Mother Yemay√° through the immense waters.

When you go to the sea, also take melado and while you talk with Yemay√° you pour a little into its waters so that it brings you sweetness and many blessings.

The coconut will stay by your side for a while, return it home and keep it there until you receive the expected results from your request. Later, the coconut will also go to sea at the foot of the waters of Yemay√°. 

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