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What types of Offerings to give to Yemayá on her day? Gifts to the Iya

Offerings to Yemayá on her day

Yemayá is syncretized with the Virgin of Regla in Santería, that is why every September 7 they are venerated under the same faith, a union that was adopted by the slaves in colonial times, trying to maintain their religious roots, traditional cultures and gods without their masters persecuting their religion and customs. .

For the Yoruba, who is Yemayá?

The mother Orisha (Iya) in the Yoruba Pantheon, is a rigorous but very protective goddess with her children and devotees. She is the owner and lady of the waters and seas of the universe.

She is a very friendly and kind African goddess, although sometimes a little inflexible, because she does not like injustice and maintains an enormously maternal relationship with those who venerate and respect her.

As a good universal mother, she always intervenes in the destiny of all those who are under her care. She does not support lies, humiliation and much less disloyalty and attaches great importance to brotherhood, integrity and respect among her children.

Yemayá represents generosity and nobility in life, occupies the highest rank within the temple that worships the Yoruba religion.

Despite being so good, when she gets angry she doesn't stop and is ruthless, especially with those who have caused her that anger; and, therefore, she imputes punishments with all the rigor of justice.

His word is holy and as such must be respected by all his faithful.

It is she who possesses the necessary wisdom to act on our bodies, for this reason she offers influence on the uterus, liver, chest and buttocks.

This Orisha is considered the patron saint of all sailors, because she is the queen of the seas, she is invoked when they are at sea or on dangerous voyages.

  • In the Afro-Cuban religion known as Regla de Osha or Santería, it is syncretized with the Virgen de Regla and both are celebrated on the same day, the September 7.

Some of the adimus (offerings) to venerate Yemayá

The offerings to the deities are a demonstration of gratitude in order to offer praise to our Orishas, ​​giving them thanks for their protection and the blessings they grant us every day.

Through the addimuses that are deposited to Yemayá we can get her grace in what we need to achieve for our prosperity or to eliminate from our lives what hinders us, and thus get rid of everything bad.

For being Yemayá the Goddess of the seas; Her offerings should be delivered in the sea, and in the case of not having it near her, she chooses a very beautiful place in nature to connect with her energy.

Offerings that you can give to the mother goddess:

Remember that the greatest of the Offerings that we can give to Yemayá is our love, either on her day of celebration or when we wish to venerate her, however we can also entertain her with fruits, elements, food and more.

Plants and flowers:

  • White roses (they are her favorites)
  • white carnations
  • orange blossom
  • magnolias
  • blue hydrangeas
  • Bunch of verbenas with basil and mint
  • Orchid
  • white or blue gladioli

The fruits:

  • Pineapple
  • Cantaloupe or Watermelons (one of your favorites)
  • White grapes
  • Cherries
  • Pears

Items you like:

  • Caña sugar with molasses
  • White or blue candles
  • Tropical fruits decorated with blue ribbons.
  • Coconuts painted blue or with 7 blue stripes


  • sweet potato,
  • coquitos made with brown sugar.

Ready meals:

  • Meals made with okra (okra),
  • ladybugs (thin fried flakes) of banana,
  • oshinshin based on capers, eggs, shrimp, lettuce, chard and tomato,
  • black-eyed bean paste made with ginger, garlic and onion,
  • yam balls with epó (corojo butter) and many more offerings that you love.

step by step learn to prepare Ochinchin for Yemaya "click here"

Everything will be pleasing to Yemayá, especially when it is offered to her from the heart and she remembers that her number is 7 and her offerings will be for that amount.

You can also dedicate a prayer to Yemayá, as she is a true and powerful mother, she will come to your prayers.

Prayer to give thanks and ask Yemayá for something special

here is your daughter/o asking for your blessing
I am the daughter of your great sea,
daughter/o of your waves, daughter/o of sea foam.
My mother Yemayá, Universal Mother and queen of the seas.
Divine and sweet protector who governs humanity, I need your protection and help.
Sweet queen, cleanse my body, free me from all obstacles in my life (make your request)
Mother and counselor who heals all those who come to you
I thank you for everything you grant me.
May your blessing always reach me.
Omio Yemayá Omoloddé!
Yemayá Ataramawa!

Other rituals that you may like to toast Yemayá:

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