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2 Offerings at the foot of Orisha Oko for economic evolution

Orisha Oko Offerings

Orisha oko It is a deity that is represented through the tillage of the cultivated fields.

This Orisha personifies the earth in its maximum splendor, who is the entity in charge of providing men with the necessary sustenance to live.

Through the fruit of agricultural work, the peasant acquires food and remuneration to support his family.

This Orisha guard the secrets that lie deep within of the entrancesañas of the earth, he is a mysterious saint, being the only deity capable of understanding, unearthingañary practice the virtue of patience.

Is in charge of guarding that the small seeds sprout, turning over time thanks to the care of man and the influence of nature into strong and leafy trees.

Las Siembras: 2 rituals to Orisha Oko for financial development

Before this deity, numerous rituals are performed to achieve various purposes, among these we can mention the use of corn planting by the religious, this is used with the objective of obtaining monetary development and economic stability.

1. Ritual with a planting of corn

  • The sowing of corn can be done inside the Orisha's clay pot or independently in a container designated for this purpose.
  • Said vessel is filled with plowed earth and a few grains of corn are placed on the surface of the earth, which must be watered by the religious until they sprout.

What does the sowing of corn at the foot of Orisha Oko represent in the Yoruba Religion?

Once the planting paid off and it is beginning to look leafy is that the devotee begins to experience economic development.

This Orisha advises human beings the virtue of correctly managing finances, since it is the only way to guarantee the possession of funds in times of need.

2. Ritual with sweet potato

When the santero needs to get I'll go financial (development):

  • Place a sweet potato inside Orisha Oko's receptacle, which is provided with water daily until it sprouts.

Meaning of sweet potato planting at the foot of Orisha Oko

Once the vine begins to grow that distinguishes this type of harvest, blessings will begin to arrive in the life of the religious, not only financial, since he will also receive health and physical strength to be able to carry out a trade that allows him to support his family honestly and regularly. 

These sowings are also carried out when the believer needs to find work since this Orisha is in charge of ensuring that this is never lacking for human beings.

Orisha Oko is a saint who is received in order to obtain job stability.

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