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Offerings and bath for health in the name of Babalú Ayé

Offerings for Babalú Ayé

Babalu AyeMerciful Orisha who frees us from diseases, pandemics, viruses and many afflictions, our offerings are dedicated to this powerful deity to intercede for us and provide us with health and protection.

Always with faith placed in him and asking from the heart, he will give us that health that we need and that we need so much, because without health we can do nothing and what we have is worth nothing.

Our Babalú Ayé is also the miraculous old man San Lázaro, we will invoke and ask for protection from both deities with this prayer:

Offerings for Babalú Ayé

Do this work when you have all the herbs you need and can make the offering smoothly. In case you can't find all of them, you will need at least some of them, but I recommend that they be 7.

Ingredients you need:

  • Bowl or basin
  • Dry wine
  • Coconut water
  • Florida water or colony
  • A piece of purple square cloth or sackcloth (eg a handkerchief)
  • 24 cents (17 for the offering and 7 for cleaning)
  • 17 corn kernels
  • Cascarilla
  • 1 purple or white candle
  • Odorless soap
  • 7 herbs of the saint (Eg Rompesaragüey, sage, peanut, taro, shameful, apasote, plum, sarsaparilla, basil, custard apple, among others)

If you want to see other plants of the holy orisha you can see this post:

How do I prepare the work?

  1. Pour water into the basin, then pour a splash of dry wine, coconut water and Florida water or cologne into it, let the prepared water rest.
  2. Take the cloth and place on top of it the 17 cents, the 7 herbs you chose, 17 grains of corn and spread the cascarilla blowing.
  3. Now tie the 4 ends of the fabric in the form of a knot, so that the elements remain inside.
  4. Light your candle and you will clean yourself by passing the handkerchief all over your body (not superficially, it should touch your body) and you will say:

Babalú Ayé miraculous father
Here is your child (your name) asking for your blessing and cleaning with this handkerchief that contains (say the ingredients) so that by passing it through my body you free me from everything bad, that you heal my soul and wounds, that you give me that health I need.
Thank you Father for being my protector and guardian.

  1. When you finish passing the handkerchief over your body (remember that it is from top to bottom, ending at the feet), take the 7 cents and clean yourself with them, when you finish, you will put everything in a bag.
  2. Extinguish your candle, you will take the offering and go to the jungle and leave it there in the name of Babalú Ayé.

Bath with prepared water:

All the work, including the cleaning, the delivery of the offering and the bathroom, must be carried out in consecutive acts. Keep this in mind when choosing the day to carry out the work.

On the way home, after leaving the offering, he will relight the candle and take the container or basin with the water that he had prepared.

  • First you will take a bath with the odorless soap and after rinsing, the prepared water will be poured from your shoulders down in the name of Babalú Ayé.
  • While taking the bath he will be asking the Orisha and begging him for his health.
  • When you finish, let that water dry on your body, and you should preferably wear white and wear a white scarf on your head as protection. The white color attracts purity, peace and connects us with our spirituality.
  • This bath will be carried out depending on how many times the person wants it, but it is recommended for 7 days. 

May this work bring you much health and development, may our Holy Orisha keep illnesses away and protect us from all evil.

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