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We dedicate these Offerings to Eleguá to "open the good roads"

Offerings for Eleguá to open roads

choose, the giant prince of Osha who frees us from the wrong paths, obstacles and traps.

Everything that is given to him he accepts with joy, mainly the goodies that he loves.

If you ask Eleggua with faith and love, the energies move and channel much better and thus you will achieve what you propose with the paths and opportunities open.

Open your mind and always think positively, sometimes we block the roads ourselves with our negative mentality.

Addimú for Eleguá to overcome difficulties and attract abundance

Road opener plant for Eleguá
Road opener plant

With the help of Eleggua, your paths will lead you towards development. Make this addimú (offering) with faith and love.

If you have not received Elegguá yet and you have faith in it, you can do the work behind the front door of your house, if it is not possible, do it in a corner near the door.

Although you can attend the orisha whenever you want, his day is Monday, and if possible, preferably give him attention in the morning.añana.  

Ingredients you need:

  • Red and black triangular flag
  • Abre Camino Plant (Scientific name Eupatorium Villosum)
  • White candle
  • Brandy or rum
  • Tobacco
  • White or clay soup plate
  • Raw cornmeal
  • Rice
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Honey bee
  • 3 cents

How do we prepare this offering to Eleguá, the owner of the road?

How to greet the orisha Eleguá

Let's make the red and black flag:

The stick that you will use to hold the red and black flag will be a piece of the same stem of the plant that paves the way, this stick provides strength and unfoldment.

The flag will be small because it goes at the top of the flour tower that you will make to Eleggua, you can make it out of fabric, or paper, for example.

Asking Eleguá's blessing

Light the candle, blow brandy and tobacco smoke on it, ask Elegguá's blessing and permission of what you will do and the reason for your offer.

Don't forget to thank him and speak out loud to him. You can invoke it if you want with the following prayer:

Let's prepare "the tower" of offering:

  1. First you wash the groundbreaking plant, from this you will use only its leaves.
  2. Then you will start by removing the stems and chop the leaves with your hands into small pieces.
  3. In the clay plate you will add raw cornmeal and the amount will depend on how small or large you want the tower to be.
  4. You take a handful of rice and pour it on top of the raw cornmeal.
  5. You will also add the leaves already cut from the plant opens the way, smoked jutía, smoked fish and honey.
  6. With these ingredients you must make a tower and to make it compact you must go little by little añagiving honey and kneading until it does not crumble so that the tower is firm.
  7. The honey is what will give the consistency so that the tower does not fall.

I always recommend that when you start any work you focus on it, that your thoughts and your faith are present and you should visualize everything you want as if you have already achieved it.

Remember: Eleggua helps you, but you must act and not remain immobile, take action and in each of your steps he will help you.

When we have the tower ready ...

After that tower is finished you will put the flag on top.

You speak with Eleggua out loud and say:

I offer you this tower, Father Elegguá, with flour and rice for development, with the paves the way for my destiny, with honey for love, prosperity, sweetness and with a flag to overcome all difficulties in your name.

Thank you Elegguá for opening my paths!

What do we do with the work later?

  • This work will be at the foot of Elegguá for 3 days.

On the third day you will leave from the door of your house with it in your hands or in a bag and you will water the elements of the work throughout the block around your house, ending where you started.

Remember with a lot of faith!

The three cents you leave in the first corner as a right to the Orisha.

I sincerely hope that these offerings for Eleguá to open roads bring you, above all, a lot of health, we must never forget to ask for it, a lot of love, humility, abundance and all the beauty of this life for you. Blessings.

Powerful rituals and offerings in the name of Eleguá:

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