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3 Simple Offerings to Eleguá that you can offer on Monday with great faith

Offerings for Eleguá

Today I leave you 3 easy offerings to make for Elegua, the owner of the roads, savannas, crossroads and corners.

The offerings are used to give thanks, for a request, and if you cleanse yourself with them it would already be an Ebbó, that is, a spiritual cleansing for the orisha to remove all negativity from our astral.

Elegguá should always be kept happy, offering and talking to him, his behavior is that of a small child because he is extremely playful and he spends his day doing mischief.

Of course, when it comes to helping us, he is the first to help you, he is the great little Osha and the messenger of Olofin.

How to attend to my Elegguá? 3 simple ways to worship him

I recommend doing these works on the day of the week in Eleguá, which is Monday, preferably in the morning.añana, but if you don't have time available you can do it the day you can, the important thing is that you give him attention with a lot of faith and love.

Piñata for Eleguá
A piñata is that structure usually decorated with colored paper that contains jams, sweets or prizes inside.

1. Take 3 green guavas, cut a slice and carefully remove all its mass from inside.

Then, inside the fruits, add: smoked jutía, smoked fish, toasted corn and corojo butter. You put a candle on it, and you will keep the work for three days, then the offering will go to the bush or a mountain.

2. You take 3 pieces of beef or pork, then spread corojo butter on it, add smoked fish, smoked jutía and toasted corn.

It must be cleaned at the foot of Elegguá and taken to the forest with 3 cents of duty to the Orisha.

3. If you want development, buy a piñata and fill it with jams. Buy sweets and have a small party in honor of Elegguá surrounded by children.

If you do not have the will to make such a party, you buy a cake or make one with your own hands at home, you present it with a lit candle and leave it for a while, then distribute it to everyone in your house.

  • You can invoke the little orisha with the following prayer:

There is nothing that cannot be done when you want to do it. Everything is a matter of putting will, trusting and having faith that everything will be solved with the favor and mediation of little Eleguá.

"Never stop talking to him and pampering him, he is the one who takes care of your every step."

If you have it, it is for something, always remember to ask for his blessing and accept that he will never remove something from your path if it is profitable for you, everything he removes is because it does not suit you. Blessings.  

More rituals, works and very beautiful offerings that you can dedicate to Eleguá:

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