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An Addimú to Oshún Do you want to attract Love and material Prosperity?

Offerings for Oshún for money

This offering to the Goddess Oshún It is to attract the bonanza to your life economically and in love.

It is a very beautiful and effective offering, it may cost to get all the ingredients but whoever can make it I recommend it.

Queen Oshún is offered everything that is beautiful, such as she is, she likes everything golden, shiny, shimmering.

With the Goddess Oshún you will get all the sweetness you need from that great love and material development.

Beautiful offerings to Oshún for Health, Love and Money

Offerings for Oshún with yellow flowers

Oshún is the owner of cinnamon, sunflowers, and delicious honey and these will be mainly the ingredients that we will use to achieve our goal.

Faith and love cannot be lacking and even if you are sad when talking to her and offering to her, you should always be happy or smiling, never think of reluctantly doing a work or offering to Oshún, if you feel discomfort it is better to do it. save for another day.

We will offer this Adimú to Oshún and on the fifth day we will do a powerful spiritual bath, I explain how ...


  • Yellow, gold or white plate and should be deep.
  • Cup
  • Beer or Champagne
  • Corojo butter
  • 5,10,15 or 25 coins of the country, of the same denomination and in progress (the number of coins is to your liking)
  • Honey bee
  • Cinnamon powder
  • 2 yellow or white candles
  • Sweet perfumes (if they are of 5 different essences much better)
  • Basin or container for bathing
  • 5 Yellow flowers
  • Parsley leaves

How do we prepare these offerings step by step to Oshún, the goddess of love?

Oshun Parsley
  1. First take the plate and in the center of it place the glass, and pour beer or champagne into it.
  2. Then you must spread the corojo butter (Epo) to the coins, both elements help us attract abundance.
  3. The 5, 10, 15 or 25 coins you have chosen are deposited on the plate around the glass in a beautiful and careful way.
  4. On top of these coins you must pour honey in such a way that it covers them and immediately afterwards you must sprinkle cinnamon powder, also in the glass of beer or champagne.
  5. You take the candles and spread corojo butter on them, if you find already prepared honey or cinnamon candles you can use them too.

When everything is ready:

You deposit your Addimú in front of Oshún and light the 2 candles.

You take the 5 essences or perfumes that should only be for personal use and you start to perfume yourself, first to her and then you.

You can invoke her through a prayer or dedicate some words to her from the heart, you can say:

Oshún here is your daughter / or (your name) asking for the blessing and depositing this Addimú.
Loving mother and sweet queen of beauty, owner of gold.
May the waters of your rivers, springs, streams and waterfalls flow, so may my life flow.
I offer you honey for sweetness, cinnamon for love, and coins to attract prosperity to my life and essences for my luck.
Thank you Mother for your generosity and love!
Oshún grant me what I ask of you from my heart, Ashé!

  • If you want to know a prayer to Oshún you can read one by doing CLICK HERE

This Addimú will be for a period of 5 days and every day you must light the candles for a while, choose that moment of the day to sit next to him, talk, open your heart and reflect.

Powerful spiritual bath in the name of Oshún:

On the fifth day, in a basin or container with common water, put yellow flowers, parsley and all your offering (that is, honey, cinnamon, beer or champagne that you have placed) and you will take a bath from the shoulders down.

You will let that water dry on your body and you will wear light colored or white clothes.

If you can, it is better to take a bath before going to sleep, or in the morning.añaNa if you are going to be in the house for a while, the important thing is that this essence in your body remains as long as possible.  

What do we do with the coins?

You put the coins in a pretty yellow bag, which you can make yourself out of fabric, or you can buy it and leave it next to Oshún.

These coins should not be washed, leave them with that essence that was impregnated, so that the goddess of love, gives you fortune and abundance.

May the beautiful Oshún bless you with great health, love and open roads, remember to make this offering with great faith and love, and above all humility, everything comes, trust.

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