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offerings for Oyá with eggplant

offerings for Oyá

Offerings can be made to any special request and from the heart to the mighty and courageous Oyá Yanza, Orisha who guides spirits on their journey to the other dimension and rules in cemeteries.

The nobility and power of this deity inspires us with spirituality and sensitivity, it is she who gives us the necessary oxygen to be able to breathe.

Oyá she owns the eggplant, associated by its color and the great spiritual power of this fruit.

It is very easy to carry out this work, if you have not received Oyá don't worry, any offering that is made with faith and love can always be done asking for your permission and blessing.

Ingredients you need:

  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 dish
  • 9 sticks of the plant victorious or wins battle (You can use another type of stick from the bush).
  • 9 small triangular-shaped white fabric flags
  • 9 cents
  • Corojo butter
  • 2 purple or white candles

How do I prepare the offering to Oyá?

  1. You must first light the candles.
  2. Take the eggplant and wash it with plain water to clean the impurities.
  3. You will spread corojo butter and while you do it you should ask for what you want.
  4. When finished, he will put it on the plate and on top of the eggplant he will nail the 9 little flags, one next to the other along the fruit.
  5. When finished, he will hold the plate with the already prepared aubergine and say:

powerful and holy OyáMy mother, I place all my trust in you. Owner of the cemetery, thank you for offering me the air I breathe every day, today I turn to you with this request (make the request) so that, if it is your will, you grant it to me.

  1. You will put this ritual in a high place for 9 days, after the ninth day, you will go to the door of a cemetery and you will place it at the entrance of it, it will cross and clean with 9 cents and leave it there.

Remember to wear a white keel or bandana on your head for protection.

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