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We offer this Offering to Yemayá to cross the seas and open roads

Offerings for Yemayá at sea

When do we hear the name of Yemaya What thought comes to mind?

The memory of the sweet smell of the sea comes to us, the beautiful feeling of protection that only appears when a mother is near, the warm water with the smell of salt, a fertile womb, a mermaid in the ocean, the calm, the life, the powerful energy of the current of the waters of the world ... Yemayá, the mother of all who is also mother water.

Together with her we travel, grow, transcend, evolve ... for this reason we dedicate this beautiful offering to her.

Offerings for the beautiful Yemayá in the sea, in its waters ...

Yemayá the Orisha queen and mistress of the seas, who with her maternal love fills us with joys and grants our requests.

This Addimú (offering) to the goddess is to open the way for us to cross to other lands if we have intentions of a trip, or so that those frustrated plans of journeys that are not consolidated come true at once.

It is a very beautiful offering, and if it is done with faith and love, everything will work out for you. Always remember that Yemayá will give you what you ask, as long as it is for your good, but do not despair that your requests will always reach her and she will grant them to you.

Many times we are infatuated with desires without realizing that it is not the best for us, accept the perfect plan of the Orishas in your life and everything will work out.


You will need in this work a small boat, which, you can do it yourself, or buy it.

If you do not have Yemayá, you can do it before an image of the Virgin of Regla and beg her.

  • 2 blue or white candles
  • 3 coconuts
  • Indigo
  • molasses of caña
  • Maraca or drum to call it
  • 7 cents of duty

How do we prepare the addimú to the goddess of the sea Yemayá?

Offerings to the sea for Yemayá
  1. Light the 2 candles to give Yemayá light and clarity.
  2. You take the coconuts already previously washed and well cleaned, remove the threads and threads that the fruit has on the outside.
  3. Paint the three coconuts with indigo and spread molasses on them.aña with both hands so that your energy and that of the fruit connect.
  4. You ask for his blessing and with both hands you present the boat to Yemayá, along with the 3 coconuts.
  5. You offer him this prayer while kneeling on a mat and accompanyingañado of a maraca or drum, depending on your path or as you usually call it.

If you are not consecrated you can do it as your intuition and faith indicate.

Blessed Holy Mother of the seas Yemayá
Here is your son / daughter (you say your name)
May your blessing accompany me every day
Beg that my order reaches you
That you drown my fears
That you give me your blessing to cross the seas, if it is your decision
That you take away the difficulties and setbacks from my course
May your blessing be the greatest wealth that you grant me
Thank you mother for your mercy

You will have this Addimú at the foot of Yemayá for 7 days and each day you will light those candles for a while and you will talk with the orisha about your requests and gratitude.

On the seventh day you will have to go to the sea with the maraca to invoke it and you will take one of the coconuts with 7 cents of right (you leave the pennies in the sea next to the coconut) and a little honey to pour its waters while you talk with it.

At the foot of the Orisha there will be 2 coconuts and the little boat until your order is getting results. If the coconuts go bad at the same time, you can take them to the sea and repeat the ritual again if you want to continue praying to the Orisha.

May Yemayá's blessing reach everyone.

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