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How to provide a Lamp and an Offering to Saint Lazarus for luck?

Offerings Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazarus Blessed or the miraculous old man as many call him, he is a venerable Saint who whenever we invoke him, he presents himself offering all his goodness, mercy and love.

This Saint is known for his miracles worked for health, but he also offers a lot of stability and firmness, always bringing prosperity with him.

You must light this oil lamp or homemade wick dedicated to the old Saint Lazarus with great faith and always invoke him with love and trust.


  • Corn
  • White plate or large gourd
  • Corojo butter
  • Sesame
  • Cooking oil and cotton
  • 1 candle

Recommendation: you must make this lamp at the foot of an image of Saint Lazarus.

We will prepare these offerings in the name of Saint Lazarus

  1. To do this ritual, you first take the corn cob already peeled, that is, without leaves, and put it on a plate or gourd.
  2. Spread the corojo butter on the corn cob in well proportioned quantities.
  3. Top with some sesame seeds and the offering is ready.
  4. So we make an oil lamp and light it for him. To do this, put oil and a cotton wick or other material in a container, and give the saint light.
  5. We will put both the offering and the lamp in front of the representation we have of the saint.

To invoke the old man Lázaro, make him this prayer:

Saint Lazarus, defender of the poor,
I beg you to be by my side and end my sorrows.
Intercede for me so that the doors of my house may be opened to prosperity,

May development visit me so that I can live with well-being and without hardship.
Pray to God in my name and pass on my supplications.
Forgive all my faults Old Lazarus and do not leave me alone in my affliction.
Blessed are you Saint Lazarus.

What do we do next with this offering?

  • Light the candle every day for a little while for a period of 17 days, this number is the mark of the saint.
  • Then you take her under the shade of a lush tree.

Remember that the best prayers are those that come from the heart, so talk to the old man every day about this ritual that he will listen to you.

May the blessing of Old Lazarus always be with you.

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