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What can you put Yemayá in her Day? Venerating the Blue Mother

Offerings Yemayá

Yemayá is offered food, fruits and flowers such as:

  • The Ochinchin made with shrimp, capers, lettuce, boiled eggs, tomato and chard,
  • Ekó (corn tamale wrapped in banana leaves),
  • Olelé (beans or beans made into paste with ginger, garlic and onion),
  • Green banana in balls or yam with okra (okra),
  • Fruits such as pineapple and watermelon, which is one of his favorites, and is placed in quantities of 7 pieces or fruits.
  • Grains like black beans and corn.
  • Flowers like carnations and white roses, one of the goddess's favorites.
  • the molasses of caña she loves it, we can pour it into her waters and at the same time give thanks and talk to the goddess.

September 7 is Yemayá day, date in which we thank all the blessings received and we entertain the deity so that she feels cared for and adored.

These offerings are also placed on any occasion as you will always receive them with pleasure.

In addition, he gladly receives the songs, prayers, offerings and the attention of his children and devotees.

The offerings and the celebration to Yemayá are also related to her syncretism in Cuba, the Virgin of the Rule, mother of the sea, mother of life who cares for us on earth and in its waters, we also adore the Saint in the same cult. on the Santeria or Rule of Osha.

  • At the end of the article we leave some very nice offerings with the procedure to be performed.

What is then done with the fruits, flowers and food that are placed in Yemayá?

Then we take the offerings to the sea, and in case we do not have the ocean nearby, we can put them in a mouth, or in a lush and beautiful tree that we like.

Let us raise a beautiful prayer to the Queen of the Sea Yemayá in her day

When we invoke the goddess, Yemayá arrives on her waters in a dance that simulates the movement of the waves of the sea, she dominates the waters and calms them, from her kingdom she offers us the most powerful energy that floods us in an immense love and joy.

And let us remember that not only in her day we must venerate her, it is always opportune to make offerings to Yemayá so that everything goes well and we arrive at our destination with tranquility, love and faith.

The Yoruba religion tells us that we are all children of Yemayá, since we swim in the womb for nine months before being born, she is the fertile mother and protector of newborns.

By making offerings to Yemayá, divine gifts are obtained in the form of blessings such as protection, fertility, love and prosperity, and above all health and faith.

Beg her for love and everything you want and she will come to bless you, but we can never deceive you.añaRa Yemayá, because she is righteous and recognizes evil and her punishments will be severe and inflexible, like the fury of the sea.

A beautiful prayer dedicated to Yemayá to venerate her and beg for her protection:

My Mother, Queen of the Sea, take all the negative energies, all the envy, all the demands and all the difficulties that exist in my life to the bottom of the sea.

Take all disappointments and sadness to the bottom of the sea, away from people who do not wish me well, who have feelings contrary to You.

Bring from the bottom of the sea, ashé, peace, harmony, love, keeping my family united and prosperous.

Protect me and mine, from all those who wish us the worst, who wish us the worst, let your tide take them out of our lives.

May, with its salty waters, cleanse my heart of all pains, making balance, peace and joys permanent in my life.

My beloved Mother, Queen of the Sea, bring prosperity, good work and material abundance, may all my efforts be rewarded by You. Ashé.

These are some offerings that you can give to Yemayá:

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