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Ofun Ogbara: Everyone born under this sign will be prosperous on earth

ofun ogbara

Ofun Ogbara Ifa sign where humility and patience are the words of order.

Odun ruled by Obatala, Orisha:

  • Protector of all heads,
  • connoisseur of human thought and
  • purveyor of men's intelligence.

By this sign you will find luck wearing light colored clothes.

The house where the priest resides should preferably be painted white, a tone with which you will feel at peace and under which you will find an environment conducive to shelter in the warmth and tranquility of home.

Says Orula that every man or woman born under this sign will be prosperous on the plane of the earth and will find throughout their destiny valuable opportunities to lead themselves towards success.

Taking into account that this astral of abundance will be materialized if man is capable of making the right decisions, working hard and being a good human being.

The religious in this letter is usually in love

Ofun Ogbara's love life will have its complexities, since the religious in this letter is usually infatuated and tends to rush as soon as a matter of the heart comes his way.

Not realizing that in this way he will give entry into his life to people with whom he will not be totally compatible, having these hasty decisions in most cases a fatal outcome.

Works to break obstacles in Ofun Ogbara

This letter marks receive Inle, the doctor of the Osha, wishing to achieve with this consecration a good of health, seat, rest and long life.

To break the shackles that stand in the way of the religious:

  1. Elegguá is put hot corn and talked to him so that he places his hand on the problem in order to solve the situation.
  2. Ofun Ogbara offers Oggún a melon to refresh his path and request the help of the owner of the iron to get a better job.

In the decisions of the heart it is analyzed slowly

Attend to the spirits and place a full assist for eggún on his tile.

In this odun, the woman becomes disenchanted with the man, because she is not in love and, failing that, has idealized her partner.

Orula advises going slowly when it comes to love matters and giving yourself the time to find out what you are really looking for in a relationship.

The Ifá of the Giraffe: do not bow your neck to anyone

This sign is symbolized in the Giraffe, an animal that by tilting its neck becomes vulnerable.

Beware of cervical spine-related conditions and only bow your head to the egguns, the Orishas, ​​and out of respect for your parents.

  • In this Ifá the position of Oyugbona and the magical secret of the omiero was born to heal and bless at the same time.
  • Respect the river and the sea for being in these places the home of Oshún and Yemayá.

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