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Ogbe Bara is an Ifá of greatness. With humility and patience, everything is achieved!

Ogbe Bara Ifa

Orumila the great fortune teller of Ifá he had left his hometown for new regions in search of prosperity and good fortune.

Upon his arrival in the new land, he began to show his talents as an oracle helping the settlers to solve the crossroads that destiny prepared for them.

Fact that made him worthy of the devotion of those people, winning in his wake a religious people who followed his advice. 

However, Orula had the desire to become Oba, a project in which he was prosecuted without taking into account the priests who already existed in that land, who were named Orum, Eleggua y Oggun.

Pataki where Orula should be great first in the Land of the Orishas

Elegguá had a brood of roosters in his house, he was pleased to take care of them because this was the hobby he liked the most.

On one occasion Orula had sent a religious to perform an ebbó with a rooster belonging to Eshu's offspring.

Fact that greatly annoyed Elegguá who went to accuse him with Oggún and Orum for his excessive and reckless behavior.

As punishment for such an action, Elegguá and Orum banished Orumila from their dominions, forcing him to leave at dawn, leaving the great fortune teller like a pilgrim with no fixed course or roof under which to shelter.

The soothsayer Orula is banished by Eleguá for his desire for leadership

In her wanderings she met a man who was riding a goat, who offered her help in exchange for food and Orula accepted.

Even knowing that there was another parameter to seal the agreement, which consisted of:

The soothsayer must forget his longing for greatness and leadership, for Olodumare had established that he must be great first in the land of the Orishas.

The man told Orula that with her help he could once again gain the respect of his fellow men.

And following their advice he became very famous in the land of the Orishas, ​​showing his true talent to help others.

With patience and humility the Oracle of Ifá reached greatness

Meanwhile, his Ife neighbors the Oba Elegguá, Orum and Oggún observed his progress and his greatness, so they summoned him to their lands again where he served as an Ifá oracle.

And in this way with humility and patience he became essential in both regions for being the only one capable of mastering the secrets of the board and the ékuele.

In this way Orula was famous with the blessing of Ifá and the affection of his religious people.

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