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Remember: "Theft is an unworthy act within the Yoruba Religion"

Ogbe Iwori pataki

Theft is an unworthy act within the Yoruba Religion as this action is considered illegal and harmful to others.

A good religious is recognized as a man of integrity who strives to improve day by day using his own resources.

The Afro-Cuban religion is not the only one that repudiates this act because the action of stealing is considered one of the seven deadly sins within the sacred scriptures belonging to the Bible.

Sin that receives the punishment of God in a spiritual way and the weight of justice in the world of men.

Ogbe Iwori: The thieves were caught with the rope.

Relates one of the pataki belonging to the sign Ogbe Iwori that in a certain kingdom there was a city in which at nightfall the square and its shops were sacked.

The robber outlaws left no trace of their actions, plus the losses quantified the next day were highly significant for those in charge of business.

Many of them had already seen the need to close their auspices because the debts they contracted were greater than their earnings, thus condemning many families to starvation and need.

The King visits the fortune teller Orula to seek a solution

The king, tired of this situation, tried to find a strategy that would allow him to find those responsible for these acts, in order to apply the corresponding punishment for their crimes.

So he went to the house of Orumila the great fortune teller of Ifá to help him in the company he needed to develop.

Once at Orula's house, the king was consulted, where the soothsayer indicated the need to perform a consecration on two ropes, so it was essential to provide the Orisha with the requested material as soon as possible.

The ebbó and the two enchanted ropes caught the culprits

The night the ebbó was ready, the king ordered the city to be closed, instructing his subjects not to leave the house at dawn in order to catch criminals.

When the sun went down, no one left their house and at midnight footsteps were heard approaching the square.

The criminals who broke into the market daily felt confident about the act they were about to carry out, so they did not take any precautions.

As he approached the stalls, the two enchanted ropes fell on his neck and the next day the whole town knew that the bull and the cow were the guilty of such criminal acts and from that day as punishment they lived tied by the rope.

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