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Do you know of Ogbe Iwori these fun facts, tips and prohibitions?

Ogbe Iwori

Ogbe Iwori is an odun who talks about lawsuits and stubbornness between human beings, in this letter they feed orunmila to find stability and development in life.

The oracle of Ifá will be the Orisha in charge of always coming out in his defense against adversity or to free him from the osogbos that torment him.

The taboos of Ogbe Iwori: Prohibitions to respect

  • It is taboo in this sign to wear black clothes, as this will bring you backwardness.
  • You must always maintain a respect for people who have gray hair.
  • Do not curse anyone, so that those curses do not fall on you.
  • You need to be patient, because Ifá says that everything will come sooner or later and sometimes delays are tests imposed on you by the Orishas.

Turn a deaf ear to inappropriate advice

Do not be influenced by people close to you or by your partner, use your intelligence to make your own decisions and thus chart a way forward, where, above all, you feel good about yourself.

Be free to decide through your own actions, so that in this way you feel satisfied with the results obtained.

Always take care of your belongings and your prestige

Ifá recommends you to be careful with your clothing, because through these the person can be worked.

In Ogbe Iwori, Orumila demands attention with the mother in life, if she is deceased a hen must be immolated in the shadow of her spirit.

You must take care of your prestige, because sometimes the enemy will defame you.

Beware of illness related to the hemolymphopoietic system such as:

  • Chronic anemia and
  • leukemia.

Shango is a stronghold in Ogbe Iwori

Always respect the word of Shango and comply with him so that he blesses you.

You must crown the Osha so that your life changes for the better, because through this you will obtain a head and with it the intelligence you need to overcome and evolve.

  • Always keep your head prayed and covered. 

Cover Oshún with a yellow cloth and this will give him go

This is an Ifa odun where great tests of faith are suffered, by this letter it is placed Oshun an Orunmila board and the saint's tureen is covered with a yellow cloth.

Through this action the holy mistress of the honey of bees will give him go.

Shiny bathroom with hood for Ogbe Iwori

When the religious is behind Orunmila recommends bañarse at twelve o'clock with:

  • White bell and
  • fragrance.

This is the Ewe (plant) par excellence of the odun, with this work the person will achieve the development he needs.

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