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Ogbe Okana: An Ifá odun where success and envy go hand in hand

Ogbe Okana odu

The seat of the saint in the Osha ceremony will mark a before and after in his life for Ogbe Okana, since at his coronation he will find:

  • Peace,
  • development and
  • Health.

In this sign there are marital problems because both the woman and the man are very stubborn and have different ways of seeing marriage, to save their relationship both must learn to give in.

You will live surrounded by envy

Despite being a successful person, you have been discredited on multiple occasions by men and women who envy you and who want to be like you and cannot.

Enemies who live pending your achievements and who are more interested in your life than their own.

Face your conflicts at the hands of Kawo Silé

Ogbe Okana is an odun where the religious will have to face many conflicts, when you are at war lean on Kawo Silé Shango to claim victory.

Take it out of the saint's room and put it in the living room of your house facing the street so that the Orisha can take over the ilé (house) and dominate the situation.

Ogbe Okana, spiritual and power odun

This Ifá has an important spiritual component.

In this letter a Yemaya The power to dominate the world was taken from her and she had to take refuge in the sea where she became strong and powerful again, some time later she regained her position and her enemies had to lower their heads before her.

In respect to this Pataki Ogbe Okana you must place a piece of reef in all the ebbos that you make.

Because of this odun the person is sometimes disturbed by the spirits who come down to earth to take him to his world before his time.

To avoid this event you must go to the foot of Orula and do ebbó.

Better plan so that you live peacefully

Ogbe Okana is a sign where man lives agitated and is always running from one place to another, because it seems that time does not reach him.

In order for you to have peace of mind, you must learn to plan better, because all the hustle and bustle will not do you any good in the long run.

This letter marks changes, you will move out of the house where you live and get a better job.

Always trust your intuition

So that the Arayés do not penetrate your ilé, reinforce the gatekeepers and paint behind it a cross with cascarilla.

You are a person sensitive to energies and when you enter a place and feel that you should not be there, it is because there are negative currents in that place.

Don't stay anywhere you feel uncomfortable or go anywhere.

Always trust your intuition because it will never deceive you.añara

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