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Ogbe Okana is haunted by hidden Enemies, wars and envy

ogbe okana

Ogbe Okana is the odun of Ifá where by hiding the lies they are revealed.

Infidelities are taboo in this letter, because the person is discovered, even if he goes to the most remote place in the country and as a result of these faults, the family ends up breaking.

In your work there is a person who sneakily stalks you, waiting for you to make a mistake to fill your position, because from the first day you saw him you crossed your path and overshadowed your performance by having more work merit.

In this sign, thanks to the preparation that the individual has, he does not have any needs.

You want to move from where you live, but no matter how hard you try, your efforts are in vain.

In order to prosper and find a house in better conditions you must do ebbó and thus your objective will finally be fulfilled.

Ogbe Okana's iré is in the practice of religion

In the odun Ogbe Okana the iré is in the practice of religion, you will do better in life if you attend your Orishas and Eggunes who will guide you on the path of success.

  • Always respect people who have gray hair and their elders in the Osha-Ifá.
  • Learn to listen to advice and this way you will make less mistakes when making decisions.
  • Ogbe Okana is a sign where the religious was born to be king on earth, it is a letter that marks progress and success.
  • Ifá advises you not to start wars that you know you will not win so that you do not discredit yourself or waste your strength in vain.
  • Respect so that they respect you and demand that everyone cooperate at home in order to evolve.

By attending to the Eggunes and Orishas you will win their wars

Put full assistance to Eggún in which you cannot miss:

  • Some sunflowers,
  • light a candle and
  • converse with their spirits.

Put this work you will be purifying your path of sorcery and evil deeds, at the same time that you will give spiritual strength to your deceased. 

When you face a war, establish yourself in Shango and Oggún to win, as these Orishas will be your eyes and ears on the plane of the earth.

At your destination there may be a problem with justice mediated by some documents, have all your papers in order so that the letter is not fulfilled.

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