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Learn more about Ogbe Oshe, Odun of Divination, Luck and Projects

ogbe oshe odun

The faculty of predicting the future is born in Ogbe Oshe, odun de Ifá where the religious is a soothsayer by direct design of Olofin.

Ogbe Oshe is destined to save the world using his gift, for which he must study religion in order not to transmit inappropriate messages to the religious.

Due to the aforementioned, it is necessary that in your house you mount a spiritual vault and work in the field of spiritism at least once a month.

Place flowers in the house and in the saint's room, put candles to your spirits and clean your home with fresh herbs, so that bad energies do not stagnate and the spirits feel cared for.

Ifá says: Let go of the past so that you can move towards the future

In Ogbe Oshe the person feels misunderstood and seeks to console himself in those who in the past had experiences similar to those that affect him today.

In this letter orunmila warns of the importance of letting go of the past and walking towards the future enjoying every second of the present.

By this letter you do not live daydreams, because instead you must work planning projects on real evidence.

Respect the Orishas and rely on them to win

Always respect the word of the two waters Yemayá and Oshún.

Deities that will bring luck and happiness to your life, giving you vital advice to unravelañar your future.

Take hold of Oggún the Orisha owner of iron, saint who will make your wars his and help you defeat the enemy.

In Ogbe Oshe, Elegguá is given musical instruments

In this sign a pact is made with Eleggua for keep the road open and free of osogbos.

And to find development and paying homage to one of the sign's own patakis, Eshú is offered five musical instruments and with this work the obstacles that prevent the iré from reaching his life are broken.

Tips and Warnings for the Religious in Ogbe Oshe

  • In Ogbe Oshe gray hair is not covered with dye, because there will be the luck of the religious.
  • This is an odun where infidelities are present.
  • Ifá advises you not to commit adultery, because with this action you will only get misfortunes, the greatest of these being the destruction of your home and the definitive separation from the family.

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