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Eggún's curse is born in Ogbe Wale «We must believe in the Dead»

Ogbe Wale and Eggún

On earth there was a man named Ogbe Wale, he was dedicated to seducing women and then taking advantage of them.

Pataki where Ogbe Wale did not believe in the power of the Dead

He once laid eyes on a daughter of Oshun and so was his insistence that he ended up courting her and later, when he had obtained from her what he wanted, he abandoned her.

The young woman devastated by Ogbe Wale's betrayal refused to eat again or go out.

She remained locked in the basement of her house, which was a damp and cold place. After a few weeks under these same conditions, Oshún's daughter fell ill with tuberculosis and later died holding a great grudge against Ogbe Wale.

The young woman's family went to visit orula for him to perform the Ituto and to ask if the spirit wanted to communicate something else.

Then what was already known was reaffirmed, the woman was very angry with Ogbe Wale and vowed to take revenge on him.

Ogbe Wale ignored Orula's holy word

Orunmila, upon seeing this, sent for Ogbe Wale and told him that he should become paralyzed because the Eggún of his former lover was chasing him and as long as the work was not carried out he would never be happy again.

The latter, who felt sure of himself, claimed not to believe in the dead and left the fortune-teller's house as if nothing had happened.

Some time later Ogbe Wale began to woo another woman to whom he did the same.

Eggun punishes and curses with sickness and death

This, guided by the spirit of Oshún's daughter, reached the pantheon where she rested, then the deceased presented herself to the woman, telling her to take one of her bones, scrape it and give it to Ogbe Wale and from this so the two would be avenged.

She acted following the advice of the spirit, prepared a drink and offered it to Ogbe Wale, who did not suspect anything, drank it and later began to suffer from discomfort, fever, decay, coughing up blood and many other ailments, suffering firsthand. what the daughter of Oshún had felt.

Ogbe Wale for not following Orula's advice and consequently for his bad actions suffered from the curse and disease at the hands of Eggún, dying on the same date as his former lover but a year later.  

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