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Ogbe Wale had a second chance thanks to Oshún ► Pataki

Ogbe Wale and Oshún

The pataki relates that there was an Ifá priest named Ogbe Wale.

This in addition to working the Yoruba religion was dedicated to the trade of gold and precious stones in the land where he ruled Oshun, the most beautiful Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon who favored him by giving her every mañana his blessing.

Pataki where Ogbe Wale faces his enemies and is only saved by Oshún's help

The merchant had a rich fortune reaped through his work.

On a certain occasion, another merchant started a business similar to his, strategically taking a large part of his clients, so his income was gradually decreasing.

Fact that greatly annoyed Ogbe Wale who secretly gathered the town's bandits, proposing to carry out an assault on his enemy's house in order to destroy his wealth and revive his business.

As long as they kept this act secret, they would be duly rewarded.

Before leaving in that company, the Oluo registered himself leaving an odun that denied him the possibility of breaking into the house of his opponent.

The priest ignores the word of Ifá and continues the revenge against his adversary

Knowing that he could no longer back down from his plan, he stood idly by allowing his accomplices to carry out this task, as planned.

The priest had established a pact with Eshu, who had promised to help in the attack.

Once at the merchant's house, his guard dogs came out in defense of their territory, but Elegguá who was present put them to sleep.

Upon entering the house, they took all the riches and placed them on a cart that they had stolen from Obatala.

Fact that unleashed a great war, which ended up claiming many lives.

The goddess Oshún forgives Ogbe Wale's faults and helps him

Ogbe Wale lost his house, giving him time alone to get his share of the fortune that had been looted, later leaving to take refuge with Oshún, who held him in high esteem even though he had not agreed with the revenge that he had developed.

Oshún welcomed Ogbe Wale into his home and promised that he would help him recover his property.

Some time later the kingdom was left without oba and since nobody knew that Ogbe Wale had been related to the beginning of the war they chose him as their leader.

Thanks to the recommendation of Oshún, who clearly warned him that if he committed another unworthy act again, this same one would be in charge of making him pay in excess.

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