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In a chicken coop there should be only one Rooster: Advice from Odun Ogbe Yekun

ogbe yekun pataki

The rooster lived in the field in the open, the sun and rain damaged its plumage so it decided to build a shelter where it could take shelter against adversity and predators that came to attack it at night.

The king of the chicken coop lived happily in his new home, where little by little he was añaGiving him their conditions to make him more comfortable, the animals that saw the prosperity of the rooster wanted to take advantage of this.

Pataki where the rooster was banished from his own home

So the animals, seeing the advantages of having a home, took shelter in the rooster's house until they displaced him from his own home.

Event that bothered him a lot so he went to the village Oba's house to help him resolve the situation.

He had no answer for him, so the rooster went to the house of orula looking for a definitive solution.

The fortune teller consulted the rooster marking him the performance of an ebbó.

Thanks to the Ebbó and the word of Ifá the rooster recovered what was his

After this was done, he left home to claim his rights and at that time all the animals were gathered eating.

When they saw the rooster, they all offered him food, but he did not accept, there were many delicacies on the table, but none as exquisite as guinea pig.

When this dish reached the table, a great lawsuit was unleashed and everyone left the rooster's house between pushes and blows, he took the opportunity to lock the door and thus they never entered again.

Ifá Councils for the Santeros under the Odun Ogbe Yekun

Alluding to the popular saying that in a henhouse there should be only one rooster, the crossroads in this pataki was solved.

Where Ifá teaches the religious to:

  • Be the owner of the home,
  • the one who dictates the laws of coexistence and
  • to command respect, above all.

This letter is an odun of impersonation, so you must remain alert because the people around the individual pay special attention to their movements and their achievements in life envying them in a very subtle way.

When Ejiogbe Yekun comes out on the mat the religious must be very careful with his actions and always be on the lookout for people who want to live benefiting from his effort, becoming parasites.

Fact that delays him astrally and in all the senses of life.

All the legal aspects of the home must be clear, since this Ifá prevents the loss of an asset at the hands of others who intend to take over what does not belong to them.

Here are some religious tips that might help you:

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