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Why are three Itá performed in the Ifá room? Meet the Pataki

Ogbe Yekun and the three itá

This pataki recounts the life of an Oluo named Ogbe Yekun, who had come to the world poisoned from his mother's womb.

Pataki where the three Itá de Ifá were born

At the age of seven he was consecrated in the sacred Rule of Ifá and when he reached his youth the bank of the river was assigned to him as a place to carry out his religious practices in his native town.

Every time it touched the river water it was contaminated with its poison and every animal or man who drank that water died.

Turning his town into an almost inhabitaTherefore, all the houses used that water to carry out their daily tasks and feed themselves.

The men and women who survived went to visit orula and they asked him for help to solve the problem that afflicted them.

Orula provides powerful advice for prosperity to reign

The great soothsayer informed them that this did not happen by the will of Ogbe Yekun because the poison came in him even before he was born.

Then he suggested to these that they speak with the king of the town so that he could grant him another place where to work the religion.

Orunmila sent for Ogbe Yekun and explained everything that was happening, telling him to carry out an ebbó on three consecutive occasions and Oluo did so, complying with Orula's word..

Also performing an immolation to his Ifá in gratitude for the warning.

Then the king of the town and Orula told him that he should go to live in the kingdom where minerals were abundant, because great luck awaited him in these lands.

Ogbe Yekun's Last Request

Ogbe Yekun agreed, but before leaving he called an audience with the people, where he explained to the citizens that he was retiring to other lands so that everyone would be happier, including himself in the sentence.

But I did not want to leave without first making the request that every time a new Ifá priest is consecrated, three Itá be performed to warn him three times of the dangers he could run and how to get rid of these and in a certain way be remembered through that Religious tradition.

When Ogbe Yekun settled in the land of minerals, he founded a very prosperous kingdom where he armed himself with a religious people devoted to his figure and his actions, fulfilling to the letter every advice he gave, his word being the law in this place. .

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