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Learn more about Ogbe Yekun and the interpretation of this Ifá Odun

Ogbe Yekun

Ogbe Yekun is a sign very rich in the interpretation of Ifá through its patakis.

This odun describes the life of a person who will be a father, a good family man, but also an excellent godfather of religion.

This person was born with the gift of fertility, by this I mean much more than the ability to have children because unconsciously we describe an individual with a fruitful thought and a great vision of the present, the past and the future.

The same person who will always be clear about the bad decisions that led her to failure, so she will never try to repeat them again.

Religious advice of this sign of Ifá:

The religious ruled by Ogbe Yekun will always find his house full of people who will come to it to save themselves, not being the case in times of abundance, so he must prepare not to suffer disappointments.

Study Ifá for your evolution

It is necessary that I study Ifá, because the day of mañaNo one will need this knowledge to do for his family and the world, since promulgating good was one of the tasks with which he blessed him Olodumare.

Be optimistic and patient in life

In the life of the human being who is governed by this letter, changes will arise, which will be solved by a quick talent to find solutions.

Ifá advises not always to see life from the negative angle because sometimes bad times are necessary to discover our capacities and grow, this being the great way to evolve as religious and as human beings.

Respect for the deities Orula and Oshún

Ogbe Yekun pays well-deserved tribute to the dashboard orunmila and Oshún the venus yorubaTherefore, it is advised to maintain respect for the descendants of the Orisha who owns the honey, so as not to incur mistakes or misunderstandings with said deity.

Always maintain good manners

Under this sign it is necessary not to abandon good customs, especially the religious ones, because in this way the Eggunes, the Orishas and Ifá will feel that they have a place in the life of the religious and will continue to send blessings.

Avoid hot flashes by acting smartly

Ogbe Yekun is a sign in which the individual becomes very great and highly respected by his peers.

This letter talks about revenge and secret plans that are drawn up to harm the person in question, mainly seeking to strip them of their material, moral and spiritual assets.

Ifá of embarrassment, so it is strictly forbidden to give trust to others, odun where plans must be made by oneself and not left in the hands of others because they fail.  

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