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Ogberoso, the hunter who knew the language of birds ≫ Pataki


Tell this patakí yoruba, that a hunter named Ogberoso always walked around the hunting ground, in the company of a friend, and that he was very proud of himself for his abilities for that activity.

As his aim was better every day, the quantity and quality of the captured game increased and the hunter was extremely happy to share what he had hunted with his friend.

But what he did not know is that his partner was envious when he saw Ogberoso's abilities and he wanted to take revenge, because he thought that he wanted to make a fool of him.

One day, taking advantage of the trust that Ogberoso placed in him, he put some powder on his face and left him blind, then leaving him in the thick of the mountain.

The birds help Ogberoso

Ogberose, blind and afflicted with betrayal, he wandered for a long time from one place to another, tripping over tree roots and fallen trunks and eating very little until he became accustomed to walking in the undergrowth, capturing small pieces and feeding. of roots and herbs.

Tired, one day he sat under a tree and as he knew the language of birds, he heard two birds chatting animatedly about the virtues of certain plants.

Among the herbs of the mountain, find healing

The blind hunter became interested in the subject, as the information could be useful to him, and in the talk of the animals he heard how they talked about herbs that were good for blindness and hemorrhoids.

Ogberoso, was feeling the herbs of the mountain and as a good connoisseur of nature, he was able to identify the plant that, according to the birds, could restore his sight.

Thus, he squeezed the plant over his eyes and little by little he regained his vision. He also looked for the plant that was good for curing hemorrhoids and left.

The hunter saves the king

The hunter continued walking when leaving the mountain and finally, he arrived at a town unknown to him. There he heard the crowd say that the king had a condition that no one had been able to cure.

He asked about the ailment of the king concerned and when he learned that it was hemorrhoids, he appeared at the palace and told the monarch that he had the cure for his disease.

The king accepted the help and was very grateful when he was cured. Then he gave the hunter all kinds of goods and Ogberoso was smiled by luck.

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