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Ika Iwori where Oggún wanted to drink Otí The curse of drinking too much!

Oggún in Ika Iwori

Oggún, the Orisha who owns iron he lived fighting for the sovereignty of many lands.

On one occasion he set out for Ika Iwori to free the people from the tyranny in which they lived at the hands of their king.

The warrior Orisha was accompaniedañaOshariñan who fought hand in hand with Oggun until they overthrew Oggun from the throne. Obatala, remaining Oshariñan as sovereign in that land.

Pataki: The warrior Oggún in search of the “Otí” brandy

After channeling the development of the Oggun kingdom, he decided to leave in search of new companies and headed towards a hill where his habitabefore they adored Inle and they worshiped and devoted him.

One day in the morningañana el Orisha Guerrero had desires to drink aguardiente

  • Drink that in Yoruba is identified with the word Otí.

Oggún, seeing that no individual satisfied his request, was enraged.

The settlers of the hill blamed a man who lived on the plain for the absence of brandy, then in anger he took his machete to settle accounts with him and went to meet him.

The man was osainist and he had learned through premonitions that a great danger was coming upon him, so he prepared himself in order to cushion the danger.

The Orisha del Hierro asks Ifá for advice and makes ebbó

Oggún who was very close to his home looked furious. Then the sorcerer turned into a quail.

Oggún, who wanted to capture him went to ask for help orula and he consulted him indicating the realization of an ebbó in order to fulfill his purpose.

The warrior Orisha performed the ceremony indicated by Ifá and left for a palm where he should deposit it.

The owner of the iron noticed when leaving the package that on the palm was the quail who could not fly because it was injured.

Then he took his machete and toppled the tree, managing to capture his opponent.

Oggún's fury and violence was punished by Father Obatalá

Oggún tortured the quail and it did not reveal where the brandy was kept.

So when she was dying she went to the river where Oshun He welcomed her by giving her shelter.

The Orisha was so enraged that on his way back he was killing all the habitabefore the town, then he left there for fear of being discovered.

In the bush he saw the palm in which he had caught the quail from which brandy was pouring out, then he drank it wildly.

Obatalá, who knew what happened, punished Oggún by cursing the brandy, since that day every time a human being drinks excessively suffers a headache and discomfort.

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