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Oggún Meye, the Orisha who multiplies in 7 Warriors to win

Oggun Meye

El Orisha Oggun It is a warrior Osha that symbolizes the beginnings of life, it is energy and the enormous force of nature, it also represents the powers of command, along with violence, authority and impulse.

Who is the warrior Oggún?

He is the patron and protector of anyone who works with metals and in nature is symbolized by iron and is the owner of tools and chains.

Beside Ochosi, Osún and Elegguá, is the owner of the mountains and is also a direct messenger of obbatala and is characterized by having a strong and violent character. Oggún is the second Orisha in the Regla Ocha, behind his brother Elegguá.

Como power object, the Orisha carries a machete made of iron or steel called the embelebobo, with which he also dances and in the form of a miniature, his other tools are added.

In his ways, Oggún must overcome obstacles to finally obtain his powers and spiritual supremacy. That is why it is said that he became an impressive sorcerer and warrior, knowledgeable in the arts of battle and incantations.

Thus he came to be considered the God of war by right, the one who takes justice in his hands and to whom they swear solemnity and respect.

Oggún Meye, the eternal enemy of Shango

Oggún Meye is one of the most powerful roads of the Orisha of the iron Oggún, as he has gifts of sorcery that make him a fierce warrior in fights and thus defeat his enemies.

With his knowledge he prepares for battles and is not afraid to spill the blood of his adversaries.

As in many of his ways, in Oggún Meye he is also a sworn enemy of the Thunderlord Shango, and is usually multiplied in 7 heartless warriors to defeat him in the multiple struggles they sustain.

The 7 warriors they mercilessly destroy every ally of Shango and roam the lands sowing fear in the townspeople.

Oggún Meye's offerings and tools are always number seven.

Oggún Meye shows the facet of the powerful sorcerer and warrior Oggún, whom the devotees worship by asking for his protection because of his great strength.

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