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What does Oggún represent in Santeria? The meaning of the Metal Orisha

Oggún santeria meaning

We ask Oggún for his immense protection before problems, enemies and dangers of all kinds.

We also call on you to help us find better job opportunities to advance our journey through life.

Oggún is a deity in the yoruba pantheon Highly revered for her protective character, she is impulsive, angry, and impetuous at the same time.

He is a major Orisha who possesses various syncretisms in the Catholic religion. For example, syncretize with:

  • Saint Peter and Saint Paul,
  • Saint John Baptist,
  • Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint Raphael the Archangel.

In the Santeria or Rule of Osha, is Oggún the Yoruba God of war and causes confrontations and destruction, but also protects medicine and cures.

He owns the steel and thus provides protection against accidents and helps in jobs where his support is needed.

As the patron of iron, he also owns tools and chains.

10 Characteristics that define Oggún, owner of the mountain

The orisha Oggún in Santeria has great significance as a Yoruba deity, has the power of a warrior and is a protector of the religious.

  1. Oggún is the Orisha of blacksmiths, wars, technology, surgeons, the army and the police.
  2. He is the deity who ensures the paths opened by his brother Elegguá, that is why he is the second of the warrior Orishas.
  3. He is considered the god of minerals, mountainsañas and tools, as it represents the collector, the lonely hunter and also the sorcerer who wanders through the forest and knows all the secrets.
  4. He takes justice in his hands, he is an inflexible deity who acts without caring what they will say.
  5. Ogún is the decisive Osha in the ceremonial of the Pinaldo. He is the one who has the right to sacrifice, since he owns the knife, the object with which sacrifices are generally made.
  6. Oggún is said to represent the hostile loner who roams the roads. But he is also a hard worker, vigorous, and with the resistance of metal.
  7. He owns the mountain along with Ochosi, Eleguá, and Osun, together they are the 4 main warriors of the Ocha and the first Orishas that any individual who begins the spiritual path of the Yoruba religion receives.

It is they who will protect and guide you to advance safely in religion and life.

  1. He is considered a protector of the military, soldiers, workers, farmers, surgeons and all those professions that work with metal.
  2. This Orisha represents the strength and sacrifice of work. It is the force that encloses the box of the human body, the thorax, where all the vital organs are.
  3. It is symbolized by iron, all metals and also represents the enormous virility in the human being.

An history about Oggún Why is the owner of the iron?

A patakí or Yoruba legend tells that when the Orishas decided to go down to Earth, they discovered that the way they had to arrive was covered with dense forest.

Try as they might, they couldn't walk unless they managed to get rid of the undergrowth that was blocking their way.

It was then that Obbatalá took his silver machete (adá fadaká) and began to clear the forest.

But after some time in that task, Father Orisha discovered that his Adam had bent and was no longer efficient to make way.

Oggún then offered to solve this problem, and discovered the mystery of iron (Irin) and made a machete out of that material (adá irin).

With that instrument he cleared the path through the dense forest, which did not block the way again, and all the Orishas were able to cross it and carry out their journey on earth.

Since then Oggún is known as the owner and spirit of irin, or iron.

Also from that moment he is in charge of opening the way and protecting his children on the densest paths and roads that appear in life.

How to attend and invoke the Lord of Iron?

Oggún, the lonely worker and the impetuous warrior, the guide par excellence of:

  • The people who practice blacksmithing,
  • of world conflicts on a large scale,
  • technological advances,
  • of the doctors who operate,
  • of the policemen and
  • of the national army of each country.

For this reason, they are prayed to in these senses and their support is requested in situations of this type.

This deity can offer his immense protection from all kinds of dangers, fundamentally to those who bravely fight in wars and battle for their country.

It also helps those who work hard to keep going and sacrifice in the work they do every day.

The Orisha rewards better opportunities in the workplace and brings strength and will to his devotees.

He is the protector of the entrances and homes of humanity, so he is implored to keep danger and evil away from homes and families.

Offerings and prayers for the great Oggún:

When asking for his favor, we must remember that Oggún is offered:

  • Cocoa butter, jutía and smoked fish, corojo butter
  • tobacco and brandy,
  • beef or goat meat,
  • foods such as roasted corn, birdseed, cornmeal, white beans, Kola nuts,
  • fruits such as yams or watermelon to refresh it among many other elements.
  • They immolate him usually goats, roosters or chickens, Angolan chickens, pigeons and jutías.

These offerings are taken to the mountain or placed on an altar of veneration that we make in our home.

And with great respect and devotion so as not to anger Oggún, we pray to him to obtain different blessings, such as love, health, work, ward off enemies and protect ourselves.

Short prayer to Oggún to beg him for peace and protection

We can invoke him to listen to us with the following prayer, light a white or green candle and in the light of this, venerate him.

Oggún winner of lawsuits, possessor of everything green, plants and trees in the world.

I come to ask for your help, so that you can heal me in mind and soul.

Grant me that those who dare to disturb my peace and integrity be banished, feel sorry and leave.

I ask you for strength and vigor, that which you possess so much, so that the battles are simple.

Cover my body with your cloak of hypocrisy and evil that so haunts the planet.

Oggún, brandish your machete to protect me, Ashé

We share some offerings and attentions dedicated to Oggún:

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