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Oggún Shibiriki, the Fiery Blood Assassin of Shango

Oggun Shibiriki

Oggun is a deity of the Orisha Pantheon, the master and lord of iron. This Major Orisha symbolizes all the beginnings of the universe, as well as the mañana and spring, everything related to the powers of command and strength, because it is a violent deity and of great authority.

He is the patron of blacksmiths, of wars, of technology. Protector of surgeons and everything in which metal is present. Through this material he receives the energy of his strength.

It is the second Orisha that is received behind the owner of the four corners Elegguá and next to him, Ochosi the vigilante and Osún the lookout, make up the group of The Warriors, the first saints to be delivered.

He is the god of iron, minerals, mountains.añas, tools and everything related to metal forging, although he can also be a solitary hunter and gatherer, as well as a witch, healer and sorcerer.

Oggún Shibiriki, Yemayá's companion and rival of Shango

The Orishas have certain paths or avatars in which their attributes, qualities and tools vary, and it is Oggun Shibiriki a path of the owner of iron.

This path of the Orisha is known as "the murderer", for he is the fighting warrior, who fights with Shango, god of thunder and warrior, for the love of Yemaya, Queen of the seas. Another of the many wars of love and battles that these warrior deities have faced.

There are many Yoruba patakíes that show the bloody combat of these two warriors, Oggún Shibiriki and Shango, for the love of the deity of the salty waters.

The battles became unsustainable, as both gods fought with intense ferocity. Oggún in this way sheds blood and fights with Shango, in an enmity that becomes eternal.

Oggun, the creator of metal implements

In the midst of this enmity with Shango, Oggún Shibiriki fights the fierce warrior using his courage, his audacity and his ferocity in his fights.

In his fight he fights maddened and blinded by the rage that the God of Fire was trying to take his beloved away from him.

This is the path where the Orisha is known as the creator of metal implements, and because of his warrior skills, Oggún Shibiriki syncretizes with the Catholic saint Saint Michael the Archangel, the first of the seven archangels, the one who wears armor and is bat face to face with Lucifer.

It is said that the children of Oggún Shibiriki They have a somewhat violent temperament and find it difficult to forgive offenses.

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