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Father Obatalá and the curse of the Orisha Oggún- 【Pataki yoruba】

Oggún and Obatalá

obbatala, father of the world and of the Orishas, ​​he is always characterized as a patient and kind father. But he can also be cold and just when he must punish an affront, he does not forgive easily when the fault is serious.

In many legends he is described like this together with Oggun, the warrior Orisha, patron of metals and tireless worker, who committed a vile act for which his father Obatalá wanted to curse him and forced him to remain hidden in the mountains.

Patakí from Obatalá and Oggún

They say that Obatalá lived with his wife Yemú, a name that indicates one of the ways of the mother of the world, Yemaya.

Together they had a beautiful family of four children: Eleguá, Ogún, Osun and Ochosi, known in the Osha Rule as "The Warriors«, in addition to an older daughter, Dada, who did not live with them.

Every day Obbatalá left to do his work and three of his children stayed working in the fields, while Osun the lookout was in charge of taking care of the house and telling his father everything that happened there.

But his son Ogún had a secret, he had fallen madly in love with his mother and hardly even worked contemplating her.

So much was his love and obsession that one day Oggún decided to force Yemu. But the bold Eleggua he realized what was happening and told Osun about it.

Oggún, who did not want to lose his mother, ran to Elegguá from the house and served Osun abundant corn, so that he would fall asleep after lunch and not see him with Yemu.

obbatala finds out about the lack of Oggún

Elegguá did not give up and waited for his father on the road and told him everything that happened. Obbatalá couldn't believe it and decided to check it out for himself.

The next day, Obatalá did not go to work and instead stayed hidden near the house. When he saw his son Ogún close the door after lunch, he was enraged and knocked with his cane calling for Oggún.

Upon opening Oggún, Obbatalá saw Yemú, very scared, and prepared to curse her son.

But Oggún, repentant, said: “Don't curse me, Baba. I myself will impose my punishment. I will work day and night while the world is world ".

His father agreed and ordered him to hide in the woods and never return. Thus the God of iron cursed himself to live in the mountains, as a warrior, hunter and tireless worker.

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