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Oshún, the Goddess of Honey who brought Oggún out of the mountain

Oggún and Oshún

Oggun He is the master and lord of iron who lives hidden in the mountains and symbolizes all beginnings and the beginning of events in the universe. He is also the mañana, spring, and the powers of command, force, violence, and authority.

It is the second Orisha and is received after ElegguaAs one of the warriors, he is the patron of blacksmiths, wars, technology, army surgeons and anyone who works with metals.

He is Oggún, owner of the roads, as well as the mountains and a direct messenger of the father of all, Obbatalá.

However, the Yoruba story of the god of iron, minerals, mountainsañas, tools and everything related to metal forging, he says, wandering alone through the woods after cursing himself for his affront to his mother, Yemayá.

So he hid himself in the mountains with his dogs, and hidden from all men. But a goddess had the gift of attracting him back to society.

Oggún and Oshún, a love story

The pataki says that Oggún went to live in the mountains ashamed of his behavior and there his work in the forge became scarce and of poor quality, filled with regrets and sadness. Furthermore, the Orishas feared that he would cast spells on Earth and considered it necessary for Oggún to return with them to watch over him.

With different methods they tried to bring him back, again and again, but every attempt they made was a failure.

And when they were almost giving up, the Orisha of Love and Rivers appeared, the beautiful Oshún and he asked if he could do something to help, seeing them all downcast, stunned and worried.

Thus, the others told Oshún the need to reintegrate Oggún, the owner of iron, into society and she with her wisdom and audacity planned what she should do to get him out of the bush.

Oshún honey attracts the Iron God

Oshún then decided to smear his body with honey and went through Oggún to the mountain. Crossing the bush he found him working.

The Goddess then began to converse with him while her intoxicating smell of honey covered the air and filled the senses of the Orisha blacksmith, who continued speaking to her all the way out of the bush.

When Oggún paid attention to his surroundings, he felt surprised, as he was already in the village surrounded by the Orishas who began to explain to him the need to be all together.

Oggún understood and decided to return to society, also because he had fallen in love with Oshún, despite the fact that the young woman had only talked to him.

But soon he knew that she was in love with Shango and that was enough that both Orishas, ​​Oggún and the god of thunder, never got along.

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