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Oggún and Shangó unified the lands for the benefit of humanity

Oggún and Shango

At the beginning of time the earth was a very different place than what we know today.

Men lived in disunity with each other, like continents and other living beings.

There was no willingness to help each other because everyone thought only about solving their problems, a reality that had Olofin very worried because this was not the way of life that he had dreamed of for the world.

Pataki where Oggún and Shango give hope to Olofi

Obatala the holy owner of all heads He was also very sad about this, so he met with Olofin so that together they could find a solution to his problems.

After a long conversation they agreed that they needed the intervention of Kawó Silé to clarify this matter.

Obatalá then set out on his way in search of Shango, but instead he found Orula, the great Ifá soothsayer to whom he told what was happening to him.

Orula marks ebbó and solves the dilemma through the word of Ifá

He took out his ékuele and his board and with these he marked an odun that required that in addition to looking for Shango, he had to bring Oggun in order to solve the great dilemma. 

Oggún and Shangó lived opposite each other and when they saw that Orula and Obatalá were approaching they ran away and when they stumbled they hugged and fell to the ground.

Quickly, Shango stood up and helped Oggún up, then Orunmila told them:

As you two have helped and united, I need you to help Olofin so that the earth is unified and the human being learns to respect and love his fellow men, a request that both deities accepted instantly.

By doing good, progress was found in the world

On the way to Olofin's house, the Orishas were collecting some land from each town they passed through, in the same way they took some articles and farmyard animals.

Upon arriving at Olofin's house, Orunmila gave Shango and Oggún ebbó who went to preach good from then on, recruiting many men and women in his wake in the practices of good and love for their fellow men.

Little by little humanity was unifying and with it the animals, plants and even the earth itself, which after so many positive actions turned an intense green because its grass reflected the hope that Olofin felt in the progress that was happening on the world.

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