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Who is the Orisha Ogue? Horned animals pattern

ogue orisha

Ogué is known primarily for integrating the trilogy with the orisha Oke and Orisha oko.

They are the deities related to all the movements of the earth and all those who work the land and the fields pray to them. Its representative elements have to do with the mountainsañas, the farmland, the animals and the savannah.

They are directly involved in the work of agriculture and the field and therefore many are those who ask for their blessings to carry out tasks of this type.

Hey: Orisha companion of Shango

Ogue is a Lesser Orisha and recognized as the deity of horned animals and herds. For this reason, he is represented with two ox jars that are loaded and sealed.

It is the third in the trilogy with Oke and Orisha Oko and its name comes from Yorùbá Ògué meaning horn, glitz.

But Oggue is also a companion of the God of Thunder, Shango and he is offered and immolated in the same way, because of his closeness to that Orisha. He lives inside or beside Shango in a flat fryer painted red and white.

Legend has it that Oggue made a pact with Chango, and for this reason its foundation is placed inside his tureen and has its own Ewes (herbs). Its color is also the same.

Yoruba deity of mystery and power

Today, the cult of Oggue is laden with mystery and it is not known with certainty where it came from, although some point out that it could have come from Ibadan.

Likewise, it is said that formerly its foundation was delivered with a single horn, some otás (stones), snails and other attributes.

Ogue is not a sitting Orisha and dedicates a single wheel dance to her, by means of which the dancers place their index fingers on the head as antlers.

This Orisha is owed immense respect, as he is powerful and has been very protected thanks to his pact with Shango.

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