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Ogún ≫ The Orisha Patron of Metals and his religious Syncretism

Ogun Syncretism

Oggun He is a major deity of the Yoruba Pantheon, known as the lord and master of iron. It symbolizes the beginnings of life and all the principles, it also represents the powers of force and command where he is a warrior of great violence and authority.

Who is Oggún in Santeria?

He is the patron Orisha of blacksmiths, of wars and technologies, of surgeons and metals. Iron is his element, and he is as strong and tough as metal.

He is the second Orisha to be received behind his brother Eleggua and with him, he owns the roads, as well as the mountains. He is a direct messenger of the father obbatala and strong, violent and very powerful. He is born as an Osha from the group of Orisha Oddé, who are commonly known as "The Warriors".

He protects his devotees with ferocity and for this reason we pray to him when we face evil and his symbol is the Embelebobo machete, a tool with which he faces all his enemies, but which he also uses to break through a jungle or a mountain.

Oggun he is considered as the owner of the keys and the chains that represent the confinement. He is the god who works eternally in the forging of metals, although he can also be a lonely hunter and gatherer, who roams the forests and discovers all the secrets of sorcery. Hunting with the Bow and Arrow Justice oshosi.

It is said that he can master all the mysteries of the mountains, and can be a sorcerer, healer and sorcerer.

Syncretism of Ogún

Due to the transculturation process associated with the slave trade, the Orishas were syncretized with Catholic saints so that Africans could continue practicing their cults without their Catholic masters knowing about it.

For this reason, currently the image of Oggún is associated with several saints with such courage and courage as his, among them:

  • San Pedro
  • San Pablo
  • San Miguel Arcangel

Saint Peter the Apostle, the protector

Simon Peter or Saint Peter, is one of the Twelve Apostles that appear in the New Testament, and is the main protagonist of numerous episodes in the Gospel.

It is said that Simon Peter before his conversion, was a Galilean fisherman from the town of Bethsaida or Capernaum and possibly a follower of John the Baptist.

They say that while Jesus was walking along the shore of Lake Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon Peter and Andrew, throw the net into the water. And he called them saying: "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men", so they abandoned their nets and followed him.

The Bible reflects that when the soldiers brought Jesus to the Jews, Peter stayed in the courtyard and three times they accused him of being a disciple of Jesus. He denied it all three times and then the rooster crowed a second time and Pedro began to cry.

After the resurrection, Jesus called Peter who affirmed his love for Him three times in consequence of the three times he denied it. And Jesus said to Peter: "Feed my sheep". For this reason, Saint Peter is known as the universal pastor of the Church.

Peter was bishop of Antioch and later became bishop of Rome where he was martyred during the reign of Nero around the year 67.

He died crucified and his body is buried in the Vatican, under the main altar of St. Peter's Basilica.

San Pedro is the protector of fishermen, builders, harvesters, bakers, butchers, shoemakers, locksmiths, watchmakers and bricklayers.

He is prayed against fever and aging, as it is said that he can ward off ills.

Prayer in the shadow of Saint Peter for protection

  • We present a prayer to Saint Peter to ward off evil and open paths.

O venerable Apostle Saint Peter! Prince of the redeemer's disciples, and the first to proclaim Jesus the Son of God and Messiah, hear and heed all my prayers. Saint Peter Glorious, you who were called by the Savior “Fisher of Men” and received the title of Fundamental Stone of the church.

You who are the custodian of the keys to the gates of heaven, and who always help those on earth who request it, I ask you to cover and protect me with your shadow; Save me, Saint Peter Blessed, from the evil that stalks me.

Protect me from diseases and ills, keep me from spells, witchcraft and incantations, from bad eyes, falsehood, selfishness and resentment, from barriers, chains and prisons, clear my ways of traitor and evildoer, drive away all pain with your shadow, hide me from all danger , enemy and bad situation; be my help and defense, I ask you with fervor, and lend me today I beg you your special favor.

Oh dear Pedro! Holy Apostle of the Lord, do not leave me without an answer, by your benevolence and virtue attend my request promptly; you who are brother, friend and protector of whom your help demands, help with your shadow those in need, and watch over and take care of all of us with your holy charity. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our going out, who lives and reigns in the unity of the Father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.


Saint Paul the Apostle, preacher to the Gentiles

Saint Paul the Apostle He is also called the Apostle of the Gentiles and Saint Paul of Tarsus, in addition to being called Saul.

They say that despite the fact that Saint Paul was physically weak and suffered from a serious illness, he possessed great character, the temperament of a leader, an iron will and strength and unwavering perseverance. He resisted like no man and his temperament went to the passionate, impetuous and dominating.

But his followers also saw in him a noble heart that aroused strong sympathy, and that he deeply felt the need and pain of others.

The legend of Saint Paul says that he was going to the city of Damascus to join the persecution against Christians and make them deny their faith, when Jesus appeared to him and asked him for a profound act of humility.

Thus, Saint Paul had his spiritual awakening, as Ananias disciple, and accepted the mission of preaching the word of Christ. Thus he undertook three great apostolic expeditions, of which Antioch was always the starting point.

Then he went to Jerusalem, to assist the church members who were short of food. And he ended his wanderings in Rome, where there was a community of Christians that he also decided to visit.

But there in the year 64, and after the immense fire that devastated the Italian city, Emperor Nero accused the Christians of being the authors of the fact, for which Paul was arrested and chained in the Mamertine prison.

After two years he was sentenced to beheading. His death occurred at the same time as that of the Apostle Peter.

Saint Paul is considered the protector of Christians. He is prayed for for support and comfort in difficult situations.

Prayer to implore favors through the intercession of Saint Paul the Apostle

  • We now offer a prayer to pray to Saint Paul

Glorious Apostle Saint Paul, chosen vessel of the Lord to carry his holy name throughout the earth;

for your apostolic zeal and for your burning charity

that you felt the work of your neighbors as if they were your own;

for the unalterable patience with which you suffered persecution,

jails, lashes, chains, temptations, shipwrecks and even death;

for that zeal that stimulated you to work day and night for the benefit of souls and,

Above all, for that promptness with which at the first voice of Christ on the road to Damascus you completely surrendered to grace,

I beg you, for all the apostles of today, and that you get me from the Lord to imitate your examples

promptly hearing the voice of your inspirations and

fighting my passions without any attachment to temporal things and

with appreciation of the eternal ones,

to the glory of God the Father, who with the Son and the Holy Spirit lives and

reigns forever and ever.


Saint Michael the Archangel, Prince of the heavenly spirits

Archangel Michael, is one of the 7 archangels, known as Warriors of God. He is among the three whose names appear in the Bible, the other two are Gabriel and Rafael.

Today the Church holds him in the highest place among the archangels and recognizes him as Prince of the heavenly spirits, Chief or Head of the heavenly militia. They say that he was a great defender of the people of God against the devil and therefore there are many artists who have shaped his figure as the warrior angel, the conqueror of Lucifer.

He is the one who is prayed to as guardian of Christian armies against the enemies of the Church and as protector of Christians against diabolical powers, especially at the time of death.

And it is that in the Old Testament, Saint Michael appears as the guardian of the Hebrew nation. Like an angel, he defends and protects our souls, and assists us in a special way at the time of death since his office is to receive the souls of the elect.

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel for protection against all evil

Saint Michael is asked in his miraculous and powerful prayers for love, against enemies, for children, for the protection of the family, for work and overcoming difficulties.

  • We describe a prayer to pray to Saint Michael the Archangel to ask for the protection of Heaven:

O most glorious Saint Michael the Archangel, prince and leader of the heavenly armies,

custodian and defender of souls, guardian of the Church, victor, terror and fright of the rebellious infernal spirits.

We humbly beg you, deign to deliver from all evil those to whom we turn with confidence;

may your favor protect us, may your strength defend us, and that, through your incomparable protection, we may advance more and more in the service of the Lord;

may your virtue endeavor us every day of our life, especially in the moment of death,

so that, defended by your power from the infernal dragon and all its snares,

when we leave this world we will be introduced by you,

free from all blame, before the Divine Majesty.

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